Niall's Sister

My name is Samantha Horan. I am Niall Horan's secret sister.


4. Chapter 4



Sam's POV:

I slowly open my eyes after the best sleep I've had in a long time. I look around the room to see all the boys scattered around the floor and couches fast asleep. Im next to Louis with his arm around my shoulder and head propped up against mine. I slowly try to get up and shift his body over without waking him up and make my way to the bathroom to have a shower to freshen up. After my shower and comb out my hair, brush my teeth and apply my makeup and run over to my bed room. I pull on some grey sweat pants and a black t-shirt so I'm comfy for the day since I'm not going anywhere special.

After a few minutes of sitting on my laptop and checking my social medias I walk to the kitchen to make some breakfast for the boys. i decide on making eggs, bacon, pancakes and sausages. When i finally finish making it all i feel long arms snake around my stomach. "Morning gorgeous" Harry's voice is even raspier in the morning. "Harry! You scared me!" I blush while he kisses my cheek and steals a piece of bacon. "Hey! you have to wait for the boys to wake up to eat that!" I giggle, "You're gonna have to make me" I gasp as he picks me up and twirls me around.


Harry's POV: 

I pick up her tiny body and twirl her around while she giggles. It's probably the cutest thing i've ever seen besides her sleeping. I watch as she lets her head fall back in laughter. Without realization of what im doing, my palm cups her cheek and my lips touch hers. I instantly feel fireworks as her lips move in sync with mine. My tounge grazes her bottom lip, asking for entry as she slightly opens her mouth approving my request. I have waited for this moment for years and it's finally happening. The gorgeous girl with firey red hair is finally in my arms. I then, pick her up and lift her onto the counter, spreading her legs so i can pull my body as close to her as possible. 

"Ahem" I hear Louis giggle behind us, making Sam jump to the floor blushing. "What's going on in hear?" Louis laughs grabbing a fork to eat some eggs "We were just talking" Sam responds continuing to blush "Yeah? Into eachothers mouths?" Louis teases pulling Sam into a hug "It's about time you two realised your feelings for eachother" He laughs again, grabbing a piece of bacon. "Please don't tell Niall, Lou" Sam giggles into his shoulder "Don't tell Niall what?" Niall laughs while walking in with Zayn and Liam "Oh nothing just about some food she left in the fridge that she doesn't want you to eat" I laugh, winking at Sam. "thank you" she mouths. 

Soon after we all talk about our dreams from our resent sleep, we all sit down for breakfast. I sit across from Sam with Louis next to her laughing to himself, Niall and Liam are at the ends of the table and Zayn is sitting beside me. Once we're all finished breakfast, I get up to go get dressed for the day.



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