Niall's Sister

My name is Samantha Horan. I am Niall Horan's secret sister.


3. Chapter 3

Sam's POV: 

After a few minutes of driving we finally made it to the club. I was actually quite excited since it was my first time but i was really nervous about the men who were there and how Niall would react if one of them came up to me and tried to dance. Ever since i got out of my first relationship Niall has been super protective of me.

The guy i dated was my bestest friend in the whole entire world. His name was Ben. He was so sweet and perfect for me. He had olive skin and he was about a head taller then me. He had dark brown hair with tight curls that seemed to resemble a cloud to me and dimples. But after ten months of dating him it all sort of blew up. He drove me into depression and i lost all of my friends, except two of the greatest people in the universe. Jess, who has long strait blonde hair and bright blue eyes and Aurora, who has curly brown hair and brown eyes were there for me when nobody else was.

After a few weeks i finally built up the nerve to tell Niall and he completely flipped. Once he got back from tour he took me over to London with him and the boys and he's been protective ever since.

Once we walked in Harry grabbed my hand and walked me over to the bar so we could get a drink. Harry was wearing a plain white t-shirt and tight black jeans and his hair was pushed back into a quiff. He looked hot. He ordered me a coke and himself a beer and we just sat and finished them until he stood up next to me. "Would you like to dance?" He asked in his sexy british accent "Of course!" i say grabbing his hand and moving into the crowd. 

I looked around the club to try to spot the boys. Of course they are all dancing with each other making tons of noise, except Niall whose eyes are glued to Harry's hands laced around my hips.

After the song ends Harry and I make our way back to the bar. "Can I buy you a drink?" A familiar voice asks. I turn to my left and sitting right next to me is the boy i fell in love with. "Ben, what are you doing here?" I ask, my voice unsteady immediately grabbing Harry's hand. "Just watching you dance, honey. Why are you so afraid? I missed you!" He says "That's cool." I say sarcastically. In a matter of seconds I feel an arm snake around my shoulder so i look up to see that its Niall. "Why the fuck are you here buddy?" Niall's voice is dark and harsh but also comforting. "Just here to see my little Samantha. Why do you ask?" He says in his cocky voice. "Im not your Samantha anymore, Ben.". 

After about two seconds Niall's fist contacts Ben's face knocking him off the bar stool. "Niall you knocked him out!" I yell in amusement "He's not hurting you ever again Sam." He responds and walks back into the crowd leaving me and Harry alone again.


Niall's POV:

I've always hated that Ben kid. He took away my baby sisters innocents and made everyone in her school including her friends hate her. The only people I really trust with her are the boys and her friends Aurora and Jessica. When I say Ben's curly hair next to her I didn't even hesitate to hurt him. 

Harry and Sam have been dancing all night long and for the first time in a really long time she's been laughing and smiling so I couldn't ruin that for her. The only thing that really bothers me about her and Harry is the fact that he doesn't get the hint that she's my little sister and she's been hurt too many times. I trust Harry so much he's like another brother but if he hurts my sister I will make sure he gets hurt too.

After about a half an hour more of dancing and drinking, we decide its time to leave so I pick up Sam and carry her out the door. "NIALL PUT ME DOWN!!!" She giggles while squirming in my arms. "IF YOU DONT PUT ME DOWN, I SWEAR NIALL I WILL MAKE YOU PAY" She says while pointing her little finger at me and sticking out her tongue. When we finally get home I put her down and she runs all the way to the bathroom and hides. After a half an hour she comes out with her wet hair in a long ponytail and her 1D pyjamas I got her for christmas last year. After a few minutes we all decide to watch a movie so she cuddles up next to Louis with her little head resting on his shoulder and his arm around her.


A/N Im so sorry for not updating in so long I've been really caught up in homework and my mom just went away so i have to take care of my brothers. I hope you like this, i tried to make it a bit longer. Also the characters Ben, Aurora and Jess are all real people in my life i just changed their names around. 

xoxo, Molly

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