Niall's Sister

My name is Samantha Horan. I am Niall Horan's secret sister.


1. Chapter 1


      Hi! My name is Samantha Horan. Most people just call me sam though. I am Niall Horan's little sister. I have long ginger hair and brown eyes. I am 18 years old. I honestly look nothing like Niall and thats why my identity has been safe all these years. 


 Sam's POV:


"SAM" I hear Niall call in his thick Irish accent "Come on Sam we're gonna be late! Hurry up!"

He calls me from the kitchen in our apartment.


Niall and I have been surprisingly close our whole lives. He is the best big brother i could ever ask for. When Niall came home from his Up All Night tour he asked me to move into his apartment with him. Since then i have become rather close with the boys. I would consider myself closest with Louis, He's like my best friend. Liam and I are pretty close as well and as for Harry, I would say I have a little crush on him. Zayn is a bit more of a mysterious one and I've never really been able to get too close to him.


"Sam! Come on!" He calls one last time. "Im coming! Im coming calm down" I shout back getting up off my bed, saying goodbye to my kitten Augustus and walking into the hall. Tonight we were going out to dinner with the boys and I was rather excited to see Harry. I was wearing my short black dress with my white high top converse. "Niall! Im ready!" I say standing at the door. Shortly after Niall came in wearing black jeans and a baseball style shirt. "Lets go" He says putting his arm around my shoulder as we walk down the hall.

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