The only reason

You and Luke had a thing for awhile now but does Calum have a thing or you??


1. Hold your breathe

Me and Luke were cuddling on the tour bus. Calum kept stareing at me and Luke. Michael and Ashton where playing FIFA. I fell off the couch when the bus hit the turn. "Shit!" I yelled. "Fucking turns!" I growled. Calum looked away. I I got up walking weirdly heading to the bathroom. I was looking in the mirror as someone grabbed your waist and kissed my neck. I let out a small moan. And smiled. I turned around and kissed Luke. "Emma.. I love you." Luke smiled. "I love you to.." I stated at Luke with small livening blue eyes.

The next day

I got up getting my clothes and heading for the bathroom. Somebody grabbed my neck and kissed it. I thought it was Luke so I turned around and leaned forward kissing him. I opened my eyes to see Calum I shrieked. Calum sighed. "Please don't tell Luke.." Calum said. You stated at Calum with wide eyes.

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