My Own Summer (A Luke Brooks Fanfiction)


1. Prologue

  It seems to be now that labelling yourself as an outcast makes you cool, well, online at least. The 'Social Outcast' who has no-one except those thirty thousand people they talk to everyday on Twitter; they are everywhere. Constant updates on how they have no friends and no-one there for them to which they get hundreds of messages of support from people who are the same. It's all a bit ironic isn't it?

I'd never considered myself an outcast until recently because I'm a social person. I have friends, I talk to them everyday, I go out with them most days, how can I be an outcast? Turns out, social isn't the only type of outcast label available to stick on your chest. I'm an outcast in my own family. You know how your grandmother is always the first person to praise the hell out of her grandchildren, mine's exactly the same, but she always seems to forget about me. I'm twenty years old and she still hasn't asked me or have any idea what I got in my GCSEs when I was sixteen but let's not forget my cousin got that job dancing in a club even though she's under age... it just makes no sense to me. I feel I'm the only one who wants to do something with my life. There are five grandchildren between 18 and 22 and I'm the only one who passed my A Levels and went to university. It seems my family just want to drink alcohol and be obnoxiously loud all the time. Is it weird I don't like this kind of thing? I get absolutely no enjoyment from drinking alcohol and haven't touched a drop of it in over a year, am I not a fun person?

This weird outcast thing has made the decision I've made for this summer a lot easier. My summer semester finishes in May, I don't have to be back at uni for third year until September and my summer loan is £2,000. For a grand total of £748, I have booked myself a return flight from Heathrow to Melbourne to spend the summer with my nan's brother and his family and also her deceased sister's family in Sydney; maybe I'll fit in more with them? Probably not but it can't be much worse than a summer of being the weird one in the corner.

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