New movella


2. chapter 1

Samii, Jaden yelled get up we have to go to school. Jaden is like my big brother even thoo we are the same age and twins. He is my big brother to me and I'm his little sister to him, anyway I yelled back and said "be ready in 20" ok hurry up we are late. I got in the shower took a 2 minute shower, did my makeup in a lazy way cause I feel lazy today, and I wore this: I had to wear my Magcon shirt cause they are my lifee. I grabbed my iPhone and went downstairs, I don't eat breakfast at home I drink Starbucks.

Skip trip to Starbucks ( At school )

When I got to school Zoe and Gillian were waiting for me while the so called "popular" girls were laughing cause you know they are just like that 😂. We ignored them like always and walked on to our lockers, suddenly while we were at our lockers our principal came up to is and said " Zoe,Gillian, and Samantha there are a bunch of viners coming to school but just to see you guys." "Your going to miss two periods of classes." " Please come to the office at 9:30 too see these people." We were all in shock but i was crying for some reason 😭😢

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