New girl Lizzie has been promised this is the last move. She kind of likes the new school place but not most of the prats that come along with it. But there's this guy... This one guy...


3. The New Girl

Michaels POV-

I sat down at our regular hangout bench to find Ash Luke and Cal slumped across the armrests.

"Top of the mornin' to ya laddies" I sing in my best Irish accent.

"Hmmmmf" they all moaned.

I'm in a surprisingly good mood for me today.

They guys suddenly spring up straight and turn to me.

"What. What?" I ask frantically.

They gesture towards the main gates where a pitch black haired pale girl stands. I havnt seen her around here before but damn I wish I had. She's incredible.

I turn around to see Ash and Luke laughing.

"Mikeys in luuuurve" they annoyingly teased.

I turn back to see her sprinting away. I quickly hop off my bench and rush after her. When I'm finally in arms reach I tap her on her shoulder. She whips round staring at me. I'm a bit out of breath and I don't even know if it's from the running.

" um. Are you okay?" I ask. She's staring and it's a little awkward but I'm in awe of this girl.

"Michael" I say with a smile holding out my hand.

"Hi. I'm Lizzie. " she says back, shaking my hand with an even bigger smile than mine. She's got amazingly shimmery blue eyes and smells like a meadow.

"So... Are you new around here?" I ask.

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