New girl Lizzie has been promised this is the last move. She kind of likes the new school place but not most of the prats that come along with it. But there's this guy... This one guy...


6. Skater Girl

Michaels POV

I lay on my bed staring at the pitch black ceiling. I'm soo bored. Nirvana fills the room. I remember Ash telling me about this creepy forest down the road that's meant to be haunted. Apparently some kids have been there and said it's pretty cool. Then again, McDonald's is only ten minutes away. Yup.

I pull on some black ripped skinny jeans, an AC/DC t shirt and yank a beanie over my messy (newly died red) hair. I'm about to leave the house and then remember my phone. Ugh. I charge back upstairs , grab it, and sprint back down. I put on my beats and start to play Green Day. I get on the foot path but something doesn't feel right. HAHA. I can't believe I just did that. I run into the garage, grab my skate board and start to head off McDonalds. It only seems to take two minutes to get there because I've got music playing. I order my frappé and start to head back when I see someone else coming along on a skateboard. It's not rare around here to see skateboarders but I think it's a girl. She's pretty hot too. It's Lizzie.

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