New girl Lizzie has been promised this is the last move. She kind of likes the new school place but not most of the prats that come along with it. But there's this guy... This one guy...


1. How It All Began

I hate life.

It's my first day of school... Again

See my parents have to travel a lot with work but they've promised that this is the last time. Besides, I kinda like it here. There's loads of artsy graffiti and it's filled with awesome tattoo parlours. I think I'll fit in a bit better here.

I walk into the chunky intimidating gates of blue river side academy, and instantly I see three different types of people.

#1-the dorks.

About five greasy haired, pale skinned dorks. You know the ones. Always finished they're work way before you've even started. Pffft. Let's see who else?

#2-the girls.

Ah yes, the dreaded prats. I can tell who the head witch is... Probably the tall blonde with a face and a half full of make-up? She's surrounded by three or four short skirted brunettes all twiddling their perfectly straightened hair as the lads walk past.


Six or seven muscley giants strut past the girls, ignoring the pathetic cries for attention. I hate them ALLREADY. Oh wait. Now there's a guy. OH WOW!!! He's in a BAND!!! They're all pretty hunky but I've allways had a thing for punks. Oh crap. He's looking. OMG IM BLUSHING STOP BLUSHING. ugghhhh!! Now his friends are laughing this is sooo embarrassing.

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