New girl Lizzie has been promised this is the last move. She kind of likes the new school place but not most of the prats that come along with it. But there's this guy... This one guy...


4. Dens

Lizzie POV

I hopped onto a scratty yellow translinc bus. It said it was going to Damsey so I guess it must be the right one. I end up next to a wierd smelling year eight kid. He looked quite into his game though, unlike all the annoying year sevens bugging us year elevens. Although, I think they kind of sensed not to mess with me. I'm not very good with kids, I think my bold punk look and scars freak them out. Oh crap. My scars. Mikey won't know, I've had a shirt on that goes up to my elbows so no one can have seen. But what about pe?

The bus eventually started to creak and made a huge squeezing sound, pulling up right outside my new house. The neighbours will like me! -.- NOT!!

As I jumped out of the rickety old thing, I hesitated walking through the door. I get on with my parents fine but they're going to be bothering me and I just want to be alone right now. I don't know why I guess I just need to time to think about stuff.

I wander around the back of our large old house. I havn't been back here yet. It's quite cool actually, it's sheltered off from everything else and there's a shed right at the back tucked away in the trees. I smell the freshly cut grass as I stroll over to the shed. It doesn't look too bad. It's kind of old looking but only because of the wood, it's still in good shape and it's not mouldy or anything. I cautiously open up the door and it's not how I expected. I thought there would be cobwebs and rats and old musty boxes but it's all dry and empty. Yeah it's a bit dust but it's ok. I have a great idea for this place.

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