Taking a Chance

This girl finds herself lost as a person she has no friends and no where to turn, but eventually finds someone to help her through it. Could he be the one for her?


1. Who Can I Go To?

I’m all alone in this world no where to go, I have no one to look out for me and no one to love me. I ran away from home last year, my parents never understood what I was going through I was the outcast of the school. I had no friends and no one cared about me I just wanted to die. I live in a small one bedroom apartment alone I don’t have much things I cant afford much I spent most of my money on the apartment. I need a job but can’t find the time to look I’m too focused on school work, I am an A student that’s probably the only good thing about me. I sat alone eating my lunch at the park watching all of these happy people not knowing that one day there lives will be as bad as mine. I didn’t feel like going back to school and it’s not like I needed to be there I can always catch up on what I missed.

I skipped the rest of school and on my walk home I almost got hit by a car part of me wished I did it would take me away from all this pain I am in. There a lot of jerks in this world. I was really lost in thought until CRASH some asshole walks right into me. “What the fuck man watch where you’re going, look what you did” all my books were on the ground now.

“I am so fucking sorry I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going; let me help you pick those up.”

He looked at me and he had these perfect brown eyes, brown hair and a lip piercing.

“Thank you and sorry I spazzed at you it was my fault if I wasn’t so lost in thought I would’ve seen you.”

“My name it Luke Brooks by the way what’s yours?”

“Jenny my name is Jenny Holland.”

“Let me walk you home so no more jerks like me walk into you.”

“Thanks so much that’s really kind of you, but you don’t have to.”

“I want to”

He walked me home like a gentleman he was so kind and sweet I think I’m in love.

“Do you want to come in” I said as I opened the door, it’s the least I can do.

“Sure, I can’t stay long I have to got meet my brothers and my friends.”

He stayed for the next half hour till his brother texted him asking him where he was.

“Jenny I would love to see you again give me your number and we can’t meet up”

We texted all night, we never ran out of things to talk about. We had a date tomorrow to go to a concert, he said it was a very special concert but he wouldn’t tell me why.

I stayed up all night just thinking about Luke and how nice, sweet and funny he was and when he looked into your eyes I thought my heart was melting.


Luke’s P.O.V

Jenny was amazing I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my day. I can’t wait to take her to the concert tomorrow but what she doesn’t know is that it’s my concert. I don’t know how she will react but I’m planning to take her up on stage I can’t wait to see her face.

“Dude who have you been texting all rehearsal if your phone buzzed one more fucking time I am going to break it” Beau said

“Seriously, you haven’t put your phone down since you got here what’s going on who haven’t you told us about.” Said Jai, they cant leave me be for one second

“Fine I met this girl today her name is Jenny and she is perfect I am taking her to the concert tomorrow and when we call up fans I’m going to bring her up”

“Nice going Luke” 

“I really like her so don’t Fuck this up for me you cunts”


Jenny’s P.O.V

 I got ready for the concert then I waited for the limo that Luke sent to take me to the concert, it really confused me why he couldn’t come pick me up but I mean I got to ride in a limo SWEET.


The concert was about to start and I still haven’t seen Luke anywhere I thought he was blowing me off I debated on wither or not to stay I ended up staying because I wanted to see the kind of music that he likes.

The concert started and the opening act was amazing I couldn’t wait till the main performance. The performance finally started and 5 guys came out I wasn’t paying much attention to what they looked like except for the fact that they were all dam—HOLY FUCKING SHIT ITS LUKE WHAT THE FUCK????

I don’t know how much time went by but they started calling people on to the stage which I thought was really cute until Luke dragged me onto the stage. I wish this night didn’t end but everything has to end eventually. At the end of the night Luke introduced me to Jai, Beau, Daniel and James we had so much fun that night. It was the first of many great dates.

5 year later

Luke’s P.O.V

“Tonight is the night boys. I want you all to watch”

“Congrats bro I’m so fucking happy for you, you cunt”

“I can’t believe you getting married before me you cunt”

“She hasn’t said yes”

“She would have to be fucking stupid to not say yes”

“Little Lukey is all grown up”

The doorbell rang and my heart pounded out of my chest. This was really it.

“Hey” I said as I gave her a kiss.

“Hey Lukey”

This was it.

“I have something to ask you” I feel like she can hear my heart pounding

“What’s up?”

 “J I love you so much and you are my best friend in the entire world I cant live without, will you marry me?”

Jenny’s P.O.V

Holy shit he just proposed

“Lukey…..Y...Y…YES of course”

I was crying so much, he makes my life so happy.

“Congrats you guys”

“You go bro”

“Fuck yes”

“Get Some”

“Thanks boys”

“I’m so happy we are doing this. Luke you make me a better version of me.”

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