Not Knowing

I'm living in a constant state of 'I don't know' right now.


1. Not Knowing

Decisions, decisions, decisions, 
young people face more of them than ever before. 
Little ones, like what to eat, what to wear,
what colour they should dye their hair next, 
and the big ones. 
The ones that signify a life-changing moment, 
the ones that could make or break your teenage life. 
Choices like who to be friends with, 
who you want to hate or love, or even
who you shouldn't talk to anymore. 
Terminating toxic friendships or relationships.
Whether to say something argumentative to your parents, 
whether you want to live with a certain parent, 
what subjects you want to do at GCSE, A Level, University... 
Whether you want to go to university. 
What you want to be when you grow up - because
you need to know by the age of 16 at the latest - 
and how you're going to make a decent income with this. 
Gender. Sexuality. All the confusing things to figure out
and decide upon. 

Decisions, decisions, decisions, 
they can make or break your teenage life. Choices 
that we face on a daily basis can alter everything, 
like who you want to be. 
If you don't know now, that's okay, 
you've got your whole life to figure it out. 
There's no need to decide everything straight away, 
so enjoy not knowing something. 
Enjoy saying 'I don't know'. 

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