Lights camera fake fiance

Life for Harry styles is handed to him
Even relationships are handed to him
He doesn't have to search for someone he has it done himself,
When his manager posts that he's getting married to his fiancé what will happen? Will he find a girl to pull it off?
Let along help him?
Will there be any sort of feelings between the two? Read and find out!


1. chapter one

Breath in, breathe out, breath in and breath out my head spun around to see if the crowd was stil following me, and indeed they were stupid management and their stupid ideas, of course this was coming, and even more after the announcemnt they presented about me, of course they did it to get paparzzi off my back about the girls I dated, but in the end they just brought more. My jaw clinched as I remembered the last tweet manangement has sent through my account, without any explanation whatsoever.

@Harry_styles I'm very happy to announce that I just engaged! Who knew she would be so close to me? Thank you guy's for all of your support and I will accounce who she is on a press conference on Saturday...x

And to make it even worse, when I asked them what the hell that was all about they told me “Find a random girl, if it's a fan makes it a bonus for you and don't come til you find her.” can you believe this was just an hour ago and i'm already being mobbed by the press?

I swear, I love being in one direction but sometimes it's just to much, as my thoughts raced I rapidly pushed through the crowd and ran away, again forgetting how tiredi am in order to get away from the pushing crowd I was completely lost by now, i've never been in this part of the city and the only place recognized, the mall., so that's where I went and into the very first story I had laid my eyes on A&E.

My fans go there, it's a huge place. So maybe I can find someone there and get all this hell over with that management had put me through, I didn't hesitate twice to enter the place, I needed to escape the crowd and thank the lord only a few people were in the store, and even though I was going to get recognized it' better than nothing a few spaces from me stood a girl, with blonde hair and red earbuds she was folding clothes putting them on the stands in the store, my hands were in my pockets as I watched her every move, but I was soon intruptted by the fucking paps for the millionth time that day.

“There he is!” one of them shouted.


“Harry! Harry! Who is your fiance'!”

“when's the wedding harry?”




how was I to answer them? When I didn't even know an answer to any of their questions myself? Who was my fiance' who was she going to be at that matter? I look around in a panic they were around me all of them shoving microphones and cameras in my face while the yelling increased, I couldn't even hear myself breathing anymore, so without thinking I di the only thing that would probably save my ass right now, I ran to the girl folding the clothes in the store I guess she was unsure of what was happening to her earphones were still on, so it was a big surprise when I put my arm around her waist pulling her close and without thinking turned her to face the cameras.

“This is my fiance.”

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