My love for you

Courtney has a secret... She also has a twin sister she never knew about... And a letter from her late mother... What does the letter say?


1. The letter...

'I'll be gone...' Those were the three words that stood out the most. She's gone. My mother... The woman who have birth to me, who cared for me... Gone. How could this happen. Oh yeah I know... Cos of that fucking tumour growing in her throat for years. She'd only just told me this. You see she was scare about how I'd react. I started crying.

I turned the page over, tears running down my cheeks.

'40 Aberdeen close


United Kingdom'

I held the letter close to my heart and closed my eyes thinking about the memories. Wait, I have a twin sister, Darcy and we got separated at birth... I've only just found this out, what else don't I know...

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