My love for you

Courtney has a secret...
She also has a twin sister she never knew about...
And a letter from her late mother...
What does the letter say?


2. My father...

I felt nervous as I rang the doorbell. I hoped Darcy wouldn't answer. What would her reaction be? She wouldn't remember me... That broke my heart a bit inside. I saw a face through the window of the glass door. It was hers. She opened the door.

'Who the fuck are you?' She asked.

'Courtney,' I simply replied. 'Can I come in?'


I walked through the door and into the house. I gasped. It was amazing. It was like the perfect beach house. I walked into the living room holding the crumpled letter in my hand. Then I saw him. My father. I handed him the letter.

'Why doesn't she know who I am?' I asked him.

'I haven't got round to telling her.'

'Oh my god, you were supposed to tell her on our 16th birthday, which was like, what, three months ago! Mum's dead now for fucks sake.' I sighed in frustration and stormed out of the house.

Darcy's POV:

I had a sister? When was dad going to tell me this. My mum's dead? I'm so confused. I ran into the room.

'I have a sister?!' I blurted out.

' sweetie sit down... I need to tell you something...' He told me everything.

Courtney's POV:

I ran down to the beach, tears stinging my eyes. I sat an pulled my knees up to my chest, hugging them. I bowed my head on top of my knees. I heard a cough. I looked up, straight into the most amazing blue eyes ever. My heart stopped as he spoke.

'Are you okay?' He had a thick Aussie accent and kind eyes, the colour of turquoise that sparkled in the light.

'Not really...'

'What's wrong?' He sounds concerned. No of course he wasn't. No one cared about me but maybe he did. No Courtney stop kidding yourself.

I felt a hand touch my arm softly, pulling me out of my trance.

'What's wrong?' He repeated. I told him most of what had happened, leaving out a few minor details... I sobbed as I told him.

'Holy shit, I'm so sorry...' He hugged me tightly.

' oh I nearly forgot, I'm Luke, this is ash,' he pointed to a brown, curly haired boy a little older than me,he smiled at me, his dimples showing. 'Michael,' he pointed to a purple haired guy about my age ' and that one over there on the phone is Calum... Rude bastard!' He shouted. I laughed. Calum turned round obviously confused, this made me laugh even more. 'We'e in a band called 5 seconds of summer.'

'You might've heard of us, we're pretty big,' Ashton laughed. Calum walked over, 'Darcy will be here any minute.

'Darcy?' I whispered, it came out more like a question that a name.

'Yeah my best friend,' he smiled at me 'love the accent by the way.

Darcy's POV

I strolled towards the beach. Calum ran up to me and picked me up. I wrapped my legs around him. He's been my best friend since forever. When he put me down we slowly walked towards the other boys. For some reason they were with a girl.

'Oh my god that's my sister...!' I half yelled half whispered. 'What the fuck is she doing here, oh my god Luke likes her!' I jumped up and down excitedly.

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