Remembering Me


1. traveling

One direction

It was a clear sunny day in Maryland when Madison had just gotten on her dirt bike And was riding with her little brother nick . Little did she know her dad had something big in store for her. Madison and Harry had a history between them where they dated for 3 years and then when Harry went off to xfactor they broke up but stayed friends. But communication between them vanished and then mr bill decided to bring Harry back to see Madison since she wasn't acting the same. Madison and Harry loved each still very much.

Harry pov

I can't wait to see Madison I am so excited I hope I can tell her I have missed her so much.

Just then Harry is pulled out of his thoughts by Liam.

Liam: hey harry why are we going to Maryland anyways

Harry : I have an old friend that lives up here and I wanted to visit her and she and I were close along time ago and her dad wanted us to visit

Liam: ohh ok is she good looking just wondering

Harry: she is beautiful and so nice but I don't want you crushing on her because she is kinda my best friend

Louis: maybe you can introduce us to her if it's okay

Niall: yea and how much longer until we are there because I am so hungry and bored

Harry: only a little bit more and you just ate like 15 min ago nial l and don't worry I will introduce her to you guys. I just hope she remembers me.

Zayn: I can't wait to meet her harry and why is that

Harry: I can't wait to see her and when I joined xfactor we lost contact and stopped communicating over the time and I don't know if she forgot yet or not.

Madison's pov

Madison is riding her dirt bike she hears her phone ringing in her pocket. So she stops at the base of a hill to pull out her phone and answer it.

Madison: hello daddy

Dad: hey honey people are here to see you why don't you come on down and say hi.

Madison : actually could you have them wait inside and come up please something is going on with my bike and I need you to help me please.

Dad: okay I will be there in a minute bye

Madison:bye see you soon

Madison : I wonder who is here to see me because all my other friends are away on vacation.

Just then she sees her little brother nick waves at her signaling he is going over the jump. And then pulling up beside her. Waiting for her dad to come up and help her as nick helps push her closer to the edge of the field to go in to her backyard. She sees her dad walking up to help her.

Madison : hey dad thank you so much. It stalled on me and wouldn't start when I tried to start it again. But I will fix it when I get in the garage

Dad: your welcome and don't worry it's something with the engine. Easy to fix. Here let me help. I will take this into the garage and you go get nick with the fourwheeler.

Madison : okay dad.

Madison grabbed the four wheeler and started it up and went to get nick. Just then Madison and Nick come racing past them and park their bikes into the garage and Nick rushes out to tell his dad that he beat Madison. And Madison walks inside to grab the soap and water bucket. And her tool box.

Bill : darling come on it's time for lunch

Madison: umm I already ate and so I am going to work on my bike.

Bill: okay that's fine

Madison heads into the garage and her dad and the others head inside except Harry who follows her into the garage

Harry pov

Wow she has changed and I can't believe she is more beautiful.

Harry walks over and leans against the weight lifting set watching her every move.

Harry: well I would never suspect my princess to work on a dirt bike.

As Madison lifted her head

Madison : no one has called me that in a long time and who might this be. Let me guess is it Harry.

Harry: yes it is princess and I was hoping we could talk.

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