Precious Memories

This isn’t just any old story by any old author on any old bit of paper. This is a story of true friendship, between two true friends. Elizabeth and Alexis have been friends for as long as they could remember. They’ve been through thick and thin, fights and break-ups, and made endless precious memories. From meeting at a wedding at age 5, to having children of their own, this is their story.


2. Woburn Christmas Party

19th December 2006

"When will Mr Cheese come out?" Elizabeth asked as she sat down at a table with her parents, Alexis and her parents and Godfather, Eugene. They were at a golf club called Woburn for the Christmas party. Elizabeth's dad, Edwin, Oscar, and Eugene were members.

"After dinner, sweetie," Jane, Elizabeth's mum, replied.


"Now what do you want?" Jane said, showing her the menu. Elizabeth, now seven, could read fairly well.

"Chicken nuggets and chips with sweetcorn and lemonade, please," she said.

Alexis wanted the same, and Elizabeth smiled at her. They usually ordered the same foods.

After eating it, they all moved into the lounge part of the club, where Mr Cheese would perform his show for children. Elizabeth, her brother George and Alexis then went over to the carpet near the back and waited for their entertainer. After chatting animatedly for a few minutes, Elizabeth got up.

"Come on, Alexis, I want to ask mum if I can get my face painted," Elizabeth said.

"What about Mr Cheese?" Alexis said, confused.

"He's not coming yet," she said. When both George and Alexis were standing up, the trio walked over to the round tale next to a window with a collection of people on it. "Mum, can I get my face painted?"

"Yes. Do you know where the people are?" Jane said, getting up.

"No, but I've seen other people with stuff on their faces."

"Okay, sweetie. George, are you staying here?" He nodded. "Okay. Lets go, girls."

After looking around the room, Jane saw that they were at a small table near the side of the room, with no-one having their face painted there. When they walked over, Elizabeth flipped through the book of face paints examples.

"I like this one!" she smiled, pointing at a pink butterfly on the left-hand side of the face, with pink and purple stars and glitter surrounding it. "Its very pretty."

"How about you, Alexis? You want your face painted?"

"Yes. I like this one," she pointed at a beautiful amber coloured tiger with yellow glitter surrounding it.

"Decided, girls?" the sweet lady behind the table asked. When they both nodded, she spoke again. "Which one of you will go first?"

"Alexis, you go first," Elizabeth said.

Nodding, Alexis got up on the silver stood and waited, swinging her legs. Her long wavy brown hair was swept behind her ears and out of her face, making it easier for the lady to paint her a tiger. After dipping the paintbrush in water, and swirling it around in amber paint, the lady put it to Alexis' face. Her chocolate eyes squeezed shut for a moment, reacting to the cold brush.

Elizabeth giggled, watching her best friend being painted a tiger. Alexis sent her a smile back, a dimple being showed. After her face was a mixture of yellow, orange and red with black stripes, Alexis got off.

"Your turn," she grinned, excited that she had had her face painted. Elizabeth jumped up on the stool, eagerly awaiting her turn. She took less time than Alexis, as hers was only on one side of the face. Alexis' was all over.

After Jane had paid, a man stood at the back of the room, "Mr Cheese will be coming out in one minute!"

Eyes excited, Elizabeth grabbed Alexis' hand and rushed over to their table, "Come on, George, Mr Cheese will be out any moment!"

As he came down from the table, they ran over to where all the other children were sitting - cutting in to sit at the very front.

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