Precious Memories

This isn’t just any old story by any old author on any old bit of paper. This is a story of true friendship, between two true friends. Elizabeth and Alexis have been friends for as long as they could remember. They’ve been through thick and thin, fights and break-ups, and made endless precious memories. From meeting at a wedding at age 5, to having children of their own, this is their story.


6. Home

Elizabeth's P.O.V

The remainder of the day wasn't as interesting as the first two periods, unless you count standing the rain for fifteen minutes because the fire alarm went off fun. Sam did wink at me when we were passing in the corridor, but that was besides the point. At the end of the day, myself and Alexis walked home together as usual - almost getting run over by a car when we weren't looking, busy laughing at a crisp in the shape of a rather rude part of the body. As anyone would know the moment they saw us, acting our age wasn't our thing.

When we got home we went in the back as per usual, grabbed our snacks for 'Revision', said hello to my mum and rushed upstairs.

"Today was different," I stated, dropping my bags and falling back on my green-coloured bed.

"You mean it was a 'Sam finally noticed me and it made the blush on my cheeks go so red they almost burnt off' day," Alexis smirked, getting her phone and French book out.

"It was the same with you and Theo," I mumbled.

"But I don't get a deep red blush on my cheeks and stammer with every sentence I say," she chuckled, sitting beside me.

Failing to come up with an answer, I stuck my tongue out at her and got my own French book out along with my phone. I also took out a notepad and coloured pens to help with my revision poster. Twenty minutes in, and only writing a couple of sentences, we decided to scrap the revision (seeing as exams weren't until May/June time - 6 months) and go downstairs to play on the Wii with my brother, George. George was two years younger than me - 14 years old - with light brown hair, dark brown eyes and one big attitude. At times he could be fun and kind, but others an idiot with an 'I don't care' vibe. At the moment he didn't care that we were brother and sister and supposed to hate each other - he treated us as really close friends.

We all played Mario Party 8 for a good hour, having fits of laughter while at the same time a serious competition, when the clock turned to 5:00pm it was time to stop.

"Oh," Alexis muttered, looking at her watch, " I have to go to gymnastics in fifteen minutes; my mum's gonna kill me." She stood up from her seat in our playroom, where we were playing the Wii.

"Just tell her we were so busy revising we didn't see the time," I said, shrugging. It was a legitimate reason and we even had proof. Well, some.

"Haha, okay. I'll text you after we're both home, yeah?"

I had Keyboard at half five - perfect timing, really. "Sure. I'll see you tomorrow at school."

Alexis picked up her bag from my bedroom and came back downstairs, giving me a huge hug. "See you. Don't let the black and white keys get you muddled."

"Don't let the trampolines bounce you off," I smiled.

With one final wave, the front door shut.


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