Precious Memories

This isn’t just any old story by any old author on any old bit of paper. This is a story of true friendship, between two true friends. Elizabeth and Alexis have been friends for as long as they could remember. They’ve been through thick and thin, fights and break-ups, and made endless precious memories. From meeting at a wedding at age 5, to having children of their own, this is their story.


12. Hallelujah

Elizabeth's P.O.V

After I walked into one of the few school practice rooms, I held the door open for Alexis and shot a smile to my teacher. He was sat backwards on the piano stool with his legs crossed and a black blazer covering a light blue shirt, an azure tie stopped at the belt of his trousers and chestnut hair only slightly ruffled.

"Good Morning, Elizabeth. I take it this is Alexis?" Mr Burton asked as he straightened his posture, previously leaning an elbow on the piano.

"Yes, this is Alexis. Alexis, this is my piano teacher Mr Burton," I introduced them and walked away from the door, forgetting to snap it shut.

"Hey, Sir," Alexis greeted.

"Sir, we decided on performing Hallelujah at the school concert next week. Would that be alright?"

"That sounds great. I'm sure with both of your talents it will be an amazing performance," he smiled. "Before we start, could I have a scale?"

Alexis did as he asked, shortly after receiving a satisfied clap.

'Wonderful. Right, Elizabeth, do you remember the notes?"

"I do. C with left hand, and then E with the right hand, correct?" I said, taking a seat beside Mr Burton with Alexis standing to the side, leaning on the piano.

"Indeed. Alexis, we'll run through without you first. Whenever you're ready, Elizabeth."

A deep breath passed my chapped lips before the piano notes bounced off the walls and through the crack in the door, fading away in the bustle of lunch time.




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