Precious Memories

This isn’t just any old story by any old author on any old bit of paper. This is a story of true friendship, between two true friends. Elizabeth and Alexis have been friends for as long as they could remember. They’ve been through thick and thin, fights and break-ups, and made endless precious memories. From meeting at a wedding at age 5, to having children of their own, this is their story.


7. Gymnastics

Alexis' P.O.V

As soon as I heard the from door shut behind me, I raced round the corner to my house. I noticed that two cars were parked on the drive, meaning that my Mum and my older brother Ryan, were here. I unlocked the door with my key and threw my school bag down in the hallway. 

"Hi darling" Mum said, giving me a hug "did you have a good day?"

"Yes thanks, hey Ryan," I called to him. He was sat on the sofa with a bag of crisps watching a film. No surprise there.

"Hey Alexis" he shouted. 

"Come on Alexis, we have to leave in 5 minutes, go and get ready! Your gym stuff is in your room." My Mum said, as I sprinted up the stairs into my room.

Seeing as I was a teenager, my room was surprisingly tidy. I slid over my wood floor to my sliding wardrobes, and pulled out my training leotard, along with my squad t-shirt and a pair of leggings and changed into them. Grabbing my gym bag and slipping on my converse, I ran downstairs and out the front door, before jumping into the car, as Mum drove me to the gymnastics centre.

"See you in 2 hours Alexis, Ryan will pick you up later. Work hard!" Mum called, before driving off. I waved to her and headed into the gym changing rooms. I shoved all my stuff into the locker and walked out into the gym and went over to where my coach, Jamie, was sat. 

"Hey Alexis. How are you?" Jamie asked. Just walking in and seeing him made me so happy. He'd been my teacher since I started 11 years ago, and was so supportive, as well as being hilarious at all my training sessions. I trained a lot with Jamie, as I was in the squad and had to train 4 times a week, minimum. Gymnastics was second nature to me and I loved being at the centre. 

"I'm good thanks Jamie." I replied, walking over to one of the mats and stretching. After I was done, Jamie closed his laptop and came over. 

"So,  you might wanna just practise your handsprings on the tumble track for the first part of the lesson, and then after you can try your double backflip into the foam pit, or anything else that you want. I'll come and speak to you in a minute." I smiled and nodded, before heading over to the tumble track. Luckily the gym wasn't full of little kids whenever I came, as the later sessions were specifically for the squad competitors. I preferred to practice just by myself, along with Jamie there to coach. 

I stood at the end of the tumble track - a long springy runway, with mats at the end to land. I started to sprint along the track, before practising my handsprings, and then finishing with a regular flip. I shouted across the gym to Jamie, who was helping someone with their back handspring. 

"Was that okay Jamie?" I shouted. 

"Yeah, just remember to stay tight on the execution. Go again, I'll be over in a minute!" He replied. I nodded and jogged back down to the other end of the track. I went through the skill in my head, waiting for Jamie to get to the end of the runway. When he did, he nodded, signalling for me to go. I started up a sprint down the track, and when I reached the middle, started my handsprings. I then finished with a double flip again, remembering to twist and keep tight on the execution, and managed to land perfectly. 

"That was great Alexis. Really good. Okay, you can go and practice what you want now." Jamie said. 

"Okay, thanks Jamie." I replied, before walking over to the uneven bars and the foam pit. It was probably my favourite part of the gym. I remember when we used to get to jump in the foam pit at the end of the lesson in the younger classes. I used to go mental when we were allowed to do that.

After the next hour of double-backflipping into a pit full of foam, Jamie called to all of us that it was time to go home. I went into the changing rooms and grabbed my stuff, before walking to reception to meet Ryan. Although we were 8 years apart in age, we were unbelievably close. We always argued, but all siblings do. I saw him enter the doors, and he smiled at me, before walking over to see Jamie. As well as being my gym coach, he was also Ryan's best friend. They continued to talk for about 15 minutes, before we decided it was time to go. 

"See you on Friday Alexis, bye Ryan!" Jamie called, before heading back into the gym. I jumped into Ryan's car and we drove home. 

"How was practice?" Ryan asked. I doubted he was really interested. "Fancy watching a film with me when we get home?" 

"It was good thanks, and yeah sure" I replied. It was usually the way we spent our evenings. A few minutes later, we were home. I dumped my bag in the hallway and sat in the lounge with Ryan, right after grabbing my phone and unlocking it. I noticed Elizabeth had sent me a text. 

Did you tumble off the track. Or did the trampoline bounce you off? ;) xx

She was such a weirdo. But so was I. And that's why we were best friends. 

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