Precious Memories

This isn’t just any old story by any old author on any old bit of paper. This is a story of true friendship, between two true friends. Elizabeth and Alexis have been friends for as long as they could remember. They’ve been through thick and thin, fights and break-ups, and made endless precious memories. From meeting at a wedding at age 5, to having children of their own, this is their story.


8. French Lesson

Elizabeth's P.O.V

As I wandered down the French corridor to our next class, I saw Alexis near the door. She was walking up and down the hallways, kicking a crumpled piece of paper with her foot. It was only second lesson, but I could tell she was already bored. School has never been her thing; Alexis was more social than studious. I was the opposite. If I so much as look at a boy my cheeks flared up and my words would stutter. School was just about my only strong point, as well as Keyboard.

"Hello, Alexis. Bored already?" I asked once I had walked over to her, a smirk tugging at my lips.

"I've just had Maths and now we have French. I'll stick a pencil in my eye if I ever get excited about them." Alexis groaned.

"But then you would be blind."

"Well done, Sherlock."

I pushed her playfully, about to retort when I heard a deep voice behind me. "Alright, Elizabeth?"

My heart skipped at beat at these words. It was too early for this. I turned around to look at Sam, who had just passed myself and Alexis to stand next to the classroom door.

"Y-Yeah, I guess. You?" I stuttered, my hands already getting clammy.

"I'm good." Sam then looked away from me to continue his conversation with another boy in our class, Max.

"Alright class, please come in quietly and take your seats," Miss Lockwood said, beckoning us into the class. Straight away, 15 students scrambled into the room, shouting and pushing, before not-so quietly sitting down.

"I said quietly," Miss Lockwood muttered, before walking to her desk and starting the lesson. I got my pencil case and book out onto the table and started to write down the lesson objectives, date and title. Alexis, who was sat next to me, was turning around and talking to the pair behind us - Shaniqua and Charlie.  I tugged on her blazer, forcing her to sit down before Miss spotted her. We both just laughed before the teacher addressed the class and got their attention.


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