Precious Memories

This isn’t just any old story by any old author on any old bit of paper. This is a story of true friendship, between two true friends. Elizabeth and Alexis have been friends for as long as they could remember. They’ve been through thick and thin, fights and break-ups, and made endless precious memories. From meeting at a wedding at age 5, to having children of their own, this is their story.


1. First Ever Memory

27th August 2005


"Mummy I love it!" a smiling 4 year old Alexis exclaimed, as she twirled round and round in her new lilac dress with butterflies on it, all ready for her parents best friends' wedding. Alexis had always been a girly girl, and spent most of her days playing with her older sisters' make up and dressing up in her princess costumes. 

"Oh darling, I'm glad you like it," Alexis' Mum  said, "now come on, lets go and see the new couple and have some dinner." Alexis skipped down the stairs, her parents Kylie and Oscar close behind her as they all entered the big dining hall. There were a dozen tables all neatly decorated, with crisp white tablecloths, sparkling cutlery and gleaming plates. Alexis stood in the middle of the grand dining hall, her mouth gaped open. She followed her parents over to the table that said 'Hunter Family' and sat down. 

After a few hours of talking and eating, the adults started to move to the dance floor, and the kids just began to roam around the venue. Alexis was wondering around by herself, when she felt a small hand pat her on the back. She turned round and there stood a young girl, not much taller than her, with short blonde hair and dark green eyes. Her cheeks glowed a soft peachy pink, and when she smiled at Alexis, her face seemed to light up. She was beautiful. 

"Hi, I'm Elizabeth, what's your name?" said the young girl stood before her. 

"I'm Alexis," Alexis replied, blushing. She had always been shy. 

"That's a pretty name. It's my Mum and Dad's wedding here today. Are your parents here?" She asked, and Alexis nodded. "Do you want to come and play with me?" 

"Yeah please, that would be lovely," Alexis agreed, and the two girls joined hands and headed over to the dance floor together. 

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