Holmes Chapel Bad boy

When Caroline Payne moves to Holmes Chapel because of her moms new job she hates it. She leaves behind her whole life in San Diego. Her brother Liam makes friends quickly but Caroline isn't so lucky. But she doesn't know she caught the eye of the Holmes Chapel bad boy Harry Styles.


11. 11

Harry's POV
    She was missing school but Liam wasn't so while Liam was at school I drove to her house and knocked on the door. She opened it and her long hair was in a bun, she had a oversized grey sweater on, grey sweatpants, and no makeup. "Hey, I came to check on you," I said and she teared up, "you don't call, you don't text, then you show up and want to "check on me" piss off Harry, you don't care about me at all, you used me...get off my property," she spat and before she could close the door I slipped inside. "GET OUT!" She screamed tears running frequently down her cheeks, "I didn't want to get to close to you," I said to her, "HARRY IM YOUR GIRLFRIEND! I WANTED TO BE MORE THAN THAT! YOU CANT EXPECT ME TO WAIT FOREVER! YOU TOLD ME YOU LOVED ME!" She sobbed/yelled. I felt so guilty cause it was all so true. "You told me you loved me," she repeated quietly but with  extreme sadness and heartbreak in her voice, I pulled her into my embrace and she broke down in sobs and cried out my name. "I'm here baby girl I'm here," I whispered, "if you don't want me to love, please leave," she said softly pulling herself together. I was suddenly put in a position I didn't want to be put in. The thing was I wanted to love her and hold her, and raise a family with her and marry her, but my life is dangerous, she could get killed. "If you walk out the door, I don't want to ever hear your voice, see your or your friends face, and get any kind of text or call from you," she said with a serious tone. On instinct I grabbed her cheeks and passionately kissed her, "I'm not walking out that door," I said softly. 
Caroline's POV
    The weight on my shoulders was lifted, I felt his lips trailing my neck, across my collar bone, up my to my ear where he nibbled, then to my cheek, he pecked my nose, then he again kissed my lips. "Move back in with me," he whispered, "Harry I can't...I need to stay with my brother, he's leaving in two weeks and I need to spend a lot of time with him before he leaves me," I said and he nodded understanding, it's cool, maybe after he leaves, "and leave my mom? Maybe you can move in here," I suggested and he shrugged. "We'll talk about it later," I said and he nodded. I hope this will be a new beginning.

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