Holmes Chapel Bad boy

When Caroline Payne moves to Holmes Chapel because of her moms new job she hates it. She leaves behind her whole life in San Diego. Her brother Liam makes friends quickly but Caroline isn't so lucky. But she doesn't know she caught the eye of the Holmes Chapel bad boy Harry Styles.


9. 09

Warning explicit content don't read if you don't like this or it offends you thanks :D

Caroline's POV
    Liam was yelling at me for officially dating Harry. "HES DANGEROUS! YOULL GET YOURSELF KILLED!!!" He yelled, "LIAM ITS FINE! HE SAID HED PROTECT ME!" I yelled back, "WHAT IF HE LEAVES YOU HUH? WHATLL YOU DO THEN?!" He yelled at me angrily, "WHY WONT YOU SUPPORT ME!" I screamed tears now rolling down my cheeks, "BECAUSE HES NOTHING BUT TROUBLE!" He yelled and I stormed up to my room and slammed the door. I texted Harry and he said he'd come pick me up in the range rover and to bring a weeks worth of stuff so I can stay for a week with him. I did what he said to do and he texted when he got there. I walked downstairs with my bag and Liam saw me. "Where are you going?" He asked annoyed, "Harry's," I spat and walked out the door. I loaded my stuff in the car and got in. "Hey baby," he said and I smiled. We went to his house and I walked inside. Niall smiled at me and waved, I waved back and Harry let out a jealous growl. "Harry he's your friend," I giggled and he nodded still tense. We went to his room and lay down on his bed. He pressed his lips against mine and I kissed back. Who ever thought I'd be dating the bad boy? He pulled me on top of him and I cupped his head in my small hands, I passionately kissed him and he moaned in the kiss. I felt the kiss getting heated and Harry's hands roaming my body, he hummed into my mouth and I smirked against his lips. He flipped us and started taking off my clothes, "Harry..." I moaned as his bare hands roamed my now bare body. He then stripped and I gawked at his size. He spread my legs and slid inside me. I moaned and it slightly hurt but it quickly turned to pleasure. I moaned loudly and he quickly covered my mouth. "Shhh we still have people in the house," he said, I nodded and he removed his hand. He started pounding into me and I softly moaned and clawed at his back. "Yeah baby...fuck you feel so good...mmm," Harry said to me over and over again. I finally let go and we both came at the same time. "Harry that was amazing," I said out of breath. "Baby you were amazing, my god, I love you," he said and pressed his lips against mine.

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