Holmes Chapel Bad boy

When Caroline Payne moves to Holmes Chapel because of her moms new job she hates it. She leaves behind her whole life in San Diego. Her brother Liam makes friends quickly but Caroline isn't so lucky. But she doesn't know she caught the eye of the Holmes Chapel bad boy Harry Styles.


8. 08

Caroline's POV

I noticed Harry had been off lately and I didn't know why. He had been keeping his distance. I was laying on the couch and he was on the recliner. "Harry..." I said softly, "yeah?" He said looking at me, "why are you keeping your distance from me? Did I do something wrong?" I asked him, "no it's me," he said and looked down. "What is it?" I asked, "I'm scared," he said and looked at me with his emerald eyes, "of what?" I asked, "being in love with you," he said and I felt offended. "Excuse me?" I growled, "it's not that it's just...I can't be in love with you, it's not safe," he said and I stood up. "HARRY I GOT SHOT FOR YOU! I STUCK BY YOUR SIDE! AND YOURE TELLING ME YOU CANT BE WITH ME!" I yelled, "please don't yell," he said tears in his eyes, "GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!" I screamed tears now streaming down my cheeks. He started to cry but left the house without a fight. I fell to the ground in sobs and heard Liam come down the stairs. "Sis!" He said and rushed to my side. I clung to him and sobbed into his chest. "I'm so sorry my love,"he said to me and I cried harder, "I just wanna go home," I sobbed.

I went back to school the next week and when I did everyone was asking me what happened. I guess hanging out with Harry makes everyone curious. Liam helped push me through people and we got my books. I heard giggling and turned to see Harry snogging some girl. Guess he really didn't care. I held back tears, I saw Louis approach me and I sighed. "He's a mess," he said to me, "yeah I can see that," I snapped back rolling my eyes. "Give him a chance, one more chance," he begged. "HE DOESNT DESERVE MY TIME! HE DOESNT DESERVE ANYTHING FROM ME!" I yelled and stormed away.

Harry's POV

At lunch I saw her sit alone and bring her knees to her chest and begin to cry. My heart was telling me to go over and comfort her but I decided not to. Zayn and Louis looked at me and I growled, "what!" I snapped at them and they rolled their eyes and stood up. "Get your shit together Harry," Zayn said and they both walked away. Great now I was completely alone. I turned and saw Liam sitting with his sister and rubbing her back. They stood up and walked to the parking lot. I jogged after them and turned Caroline and passionately kissed her. She let me which surprised me, after the kiss I pinned my forehead to hers and she was crying, "I'm so sorry, please forgive me, I need you, I need you baby," I said to her, she nodded and hugged me. I held her and kissed the top of her head. "I'll take her home Liam," I said and he nodded. When we got to the house she was sleeping. I opened her car door and picked her up bridal style, she snuggled into my chest and I took her inside and lay her on the couch. She opened her eyes and looked up at me, "I love you," she said to me, I bit my lip, "trust me you don't," I said and kissed her lips. "Harry just let me love you, I won't get hurt," she said softly, "baby you've already gotten hurt, don't fall for me," I warned, "too late," she said to me before drifting off to sleep.

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