Holmes Chapel Bad boy

When Caroline Payne moves to Holmes Chapel because of her moms new job she hates it. She leaves behind her whole life in San Diego. Her brother Liam makes friends quickly but Caroline isn't so lucky. But she doesn't know she caught the eye of the Holmes Chapel bad boy Harry Styles.


2. 02

Caroline's POV

We had finally moved in so we were going to start school today. I got dressed in some short denim jeans, a white tank top, a black jacket over it since it was cold as fuck. I put on makeup and straightened my hair. My hair was brown with blonde tips, I put on the beanie my bestie gave me and teared up but held it back. "SIS CMON TIME TO GO!" Liam yelled from downstairs and I went downstairs. The funny thing was Liam had a British accent. We weren't from the same father so we looked nothing alike and I had an American accent and he had a British one. I got in the car with him and he turned on the heater. "I miss California, perfect weather year round," I spat out, "it'll be great here, just wait," he reassured and drove to the school. We pulled into a parking space and went inside. The hallway was buzzing with talking and laughter. I felt tears prick my eyes as I began to miss my friends, Liam rubbed my back reassuringly and I blinked the tears away. We walked into the office and I saw a plump red haired lady with thick framed glasses typing on a computer. "Excuse me," Liam said politely. She looked up and smiled, "yes dear," she said, "we're new, we need our schedules," he said and she stood, "names?" She asked, "Liam Payne," Liam said, "Caroline Payne," I said and she waddled to a filing cabinet and flipped through files and pulled out two red papers. "Here you are, have a great year you two, if you have any questions just come and ask," she said and we nodded. Liam and I walked out and I was literally shaking. "You ok?" Liam asked, "no I'm not," I admitted, "sis you can do this, it's going to be great," he said and kissed my forehead, "I'll help you find your classes come on," he said and we walked around the small building finding my classes and searching around. We found my locker and I opened it and put my books in my backpack and closed it. We stood there when a girl approached us, "hey, you wanna sit with me at lunch?" She asked Liam, "sure," he said and I looked down and he looked at me apologetically. I shot him a glare and walked to my first period class. Great even my brother was ditching me. I saw my teacher writing on the board and he looked at me, "oh hello," he said nicely, "hi I'm new, my name is Caroline...I don't really have anything to do so I was wondering if I could sit in here," I said and he smiled, "yeah that's totally fine, let me see where you can sit, we have a seating chart," he said and I nodded. He pulled out a paper and looked at him and sighed. "Ok you'll be sitting in the back is that alright?" He said, "yeah that's ok," I said "fourth row on the left fifth chair down," he said and I nodded and sat down there and pulled out my notebook and started drawing. The bell rang and kids started filing in chatting with one and other, a couple of girls and guys stared at me and I refused to make eye contact. After the tardy bell rang the door swung open and four boys came in. They were covered in tattoos, had piercings, and weren't fazed by the look of disappointment the teacher gave them. The one in front of them all had the most tattoos and he made his way to the back. I prayed they wouldn't sit by me and sure enough the first one plopped right down in the stool beside me. He smelt of cologne, cigarettes, and weed. I scrunched my nose and slightly scooted away. He looked at me and briefly made eye contact. He had amazing green eyes, I quickly looked away and out of the corner of my eye I saw a smirk on his face. The teacher started lecturing about something I already learned in California so I continued to draw the skull with a cross in it when the guy beside me pulled the notebook away from me. He examined the drawing and took nodded in approval. I pulled it back and continued the shading. "It's good," he said quietly. He had a deep slow voice, "thanks," I whispered, "did you come up with it yourself?" He asked, I nodded and he pulled it away again, "you could add more detail to the wood on the cross," he whispered, "how?" I asked whispering, he took my pencil and added amazing detail to the wood. "Are you in art?" I asked him, he nodded and I showed him my schedule, "looks like we have most of our classes together," he said and pushed the notebook back towards me. I looked at the drawing and bit my lip. The bell rang and I went from class to class thinking about the guy. At lunch I was walking down the hallway when I saw him kissing a girl. I felt somewhat sad, he either is a oaler or he's taken. He'd never be attracted to me, who would be. I saw Liam walk up to me, "sis I'm so sorry, I totally screwed up, please forgive me," he begged, I ignored him and put what books I needed to back and went down the hallway and past the guy who saw me and he walked to me wiping his lips. I didn't know what it was but I was becoming more and more attracted to him.

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