Holmes Chapel Bad boy

When Caroline Payne moves to Holmes Chapel because of her moms new job she hates it. She leaves behind her whole life in San Diego. Her brother Liam makes friends quickly but Caroline isn't so lucky. But she doesn't know she caught the eye of the Holmes Chapel bad boy Harry Styles.


1. 01

Caroline's POV

I finally finished packing. I looked around and my room looked bare. "This is fucking ridiculous," I spat to myself and then heard my door open. I turned to see my brother Liam in the doorway. "Hey sis," he said to me, I semi smiled and he walked in and hugged me. I began to cry. "It'll be great, I promise," he said, I nodded and wiped my tears away.

The next day my three closest friends were gathered around me and we were all crying. "Here I want you to have this," my friend Kelsey said and handed me a Perry the Platypus beanie. I giggled and hugged her. "Sweetie let's go," my stupid mom said and I rolled my eyes. I hugged them. "You better text," Christie said to me, "I will don't worry," I said and got in our taxi. I curled into Liam's chest and cried. Liam and I were extremely close for a brother and sister. After about three transfer flights we were finally in Holmes Chapel. Our stuff was being shipped to us so we only had suitcases with us. I stayed silent and my mom smiled at me. I shot her a dangerous death glare. British accents were spoken all around and I hated it. This was the worst thing that ever happened to me. I wanted to go back to San Diego. I didn't want to be here. I hate my life.

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