A Tomato's Love Story

A tomato and a boy.....will their love strive......or perish,??!?


2. two

A low growling sound emits from the tomato's non-existent mouth. Kane's eyes twinkle and a rather girly squeal echoes throughout the atmosphere. 

     “Jess...Jessica...Jess-y?” he prods the tomato's sensitive skin repetitively, making it want to rip out his intestines and choke him with them, “are you...alive?!”

    “Baka.” Jess states, her voice ringing like a drone. 

     “Oh please don't tell me you're Russian.” Kane wails, bottom lip quivering.

     “That was a Japanese word, you idiot.” The tomato begins to develop features, now having one eye, a nose and two perfectly plump lips. Kane desires to kiss them. Arms and legs begin to sprout out of the tomato, and a cackle splutters out of her mouth. 

     “You're the most gorgeous being I've ever laid my eyes on!” Kane exclaims, a blush dusting his cheeks as his eyes trail across Jessica's perfect tomato form. 

     Jessica ignores him and rudely remarks, “why did you drop that plastic bag? Pick it up. Now.” She's fuming, so much that you can see the steam coming out from her newly grown ears. 


     This has done it for her, she's too angry to realise that this isn't normal for a tomato with such pure blood as her. She's fuelled by her overwhelming love for that poor, innocent plastic bag which lies helplessly on the concrete path. Clenching her cerise fists, she continuously punches Kane in the face. This would've made a difference if, well — if she wasn't ten times smaller than him.

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