A Tomato's Love Story

A tomato and a boy.....will their love strive......or perish,??!?


6. six [part one]

The story behind the creation of Jess the tomato 


“I swear one day I will get revenge on the world,” the old man grumbled, a sour look on his face as he shuffled down the marble path in his spiderman slippers. “I'll teach those fruit loving delinquents not to mess with me!”

     His nails dug into the skin of the orange he was clutching, glasses fogging over. Muttering insults directed towards the people he hated, he didn't notice the figure towering over him. Bumping into the hard surface of a chest, he flinched and stumbled back, the ending result being him sat on the floor. The old man looked up, the astonish look in his eye shielded by the thickness of his glasses. 

    “Ah, excuse me.”

    “Excuse me?” 

     “Yes, excuse me,” the man that knocked him over scoffed, “that's what I said.”

     “I don't understand what you mean?”

     “You don't understand?”

    “No, I don't. I don't—”

    “—understand,” the tall man finished. The old man, Harold, straightened his glasses with his right hand whilst analysing the person who had rudely interrupted his journey home. Approximately 6"3 tall, it wasn't an understatement to say this man was a giant. 



      “Yes, oi.”

     “What is ‘oi’?”

     “Oi....” the old man trailed off, “is exactly what it sounds like.”

     “Oh? It sounds like you're speaking a foreign language. Sorry, sir. I'm afraid to inform you the only language I speak is English—”

     “I am speaking English!” Harold clenched his fists, nails digging into his palm.

     “Yeah, I know you are. What language were you speaking before, though?” 


     “I asked what language you were speaking before, not the—”

     “I see what's going on,” the old man hummed to himself, “you're another one of those fruit loving demons out to get me, aren't you?”

     “Fruit loving—”

     “—demons, yes.” 

     “Fruit...” the giant pondered, “Hm I guess I do like fruit. Tomatoes are a type of fruit right?”


     “Ah. I guess you could say they're my favourite.” 

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