A Tomato's Love Story

A tomato and a boy.....will their love strive......or perish,??!?


9. Guess who's back

White flowers once representing purity become tainted with carmine. Ghosts flicker at the edge of the tomato's vision, like the buzzing of flies around death. The checked floor, displaying horrors she once witnessed within her dreams, cause her half lidded eyes to clamp shut.
     Her wrists are chained, her desperate attempts of escaping result in a cackle which echoes throughout the room. The mirror in front of the tomato haunts her and she does what she is able to avert her gaze.
     However, fingertips grip her eyelids, forcing her to look at the reflection and embrace her true form. The creature’s gaze pierces her. She wants to scream, yet her voice is strained. She wants to claw at her juicy red skin, yet the cool metal straining her wrists prevents her from doing so. She’s thrashing; desperation evident in her actions. Pants emit from her chapped lips; expressing her horror in what she has become, and what she is forced to accept within herself.
     The darkness engulfs her; open arms outstretched, an embrace that soon shifts into a choke; imaginary hands grasping tightly onto her neck; inevitably cutting off her circulation. A foreign entity invades her body; she feels spiritually disconnected from herself.

     Jessica, the tomato, is ignited with malicious intent and the uncharacteristic urge to commit murder; to shed blood. A cloaked figure discreetly resides within the shadows, eyes glinting as they fixate on the fruit. Who is this mysterious figure? What are his aims? He's a character previously introduced - that's obvious. It would be stupid for the author to input too many. Hint: That's a hint.

    What's important is... What will become of this tomato? Will she become overwhelmed with malevolence? ProbsxD:3 xX__edgy_Xx

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