A Tomato's Love Story

A tomato and a boy.....will their love strive......or perish,??!?


4. four

“Put on a happy face, you look much better when you smile,” came a soft, delicate voice from a high branch.

     “Branch-senpai?” Jessica yelps, losing focus and falling off the tree. Her fragile tomato skin becomes scratched and bruised, juice leaking out from it. “You noticed me?” 

     Ignoring the current pain she was in, the tomato starts fanning herself and blushing wildly, flicking her weave in attempt to be seductive.

     “Yes, kouhai. It is I, Branch,” the twig smirks, “always remember that I am your senpai; your superior in age and intelligence. Now run along, unworthy one.” 

     Jessica ponders whether she should obey this attractive specimen, not noticing the two humans towering over her.

     “Well, what do we have here?” Abby turns to face her friend, barely containing her laughter. 

     “The protagonist in our story, I believe.” Lauren shrugs, trying to avoid looking at the tomato.

     “You can't just break the fourth wall like that, baka!” Abby swats Lauren's hair, removing her swag necklaces and llama hat. 

     “At least I know more Japanese words than you.” 

     “What kind of comeback was that? And since when did we have to involve your obsession with the Japanese language into this story?” Abby huffs, folding her arms across her chest, “and of course I know more words than that! Kawaii! Konichiwa! Eto... I... Senpai! Abby-desu!”

    “Look who's breaking the fourth wall now....” Lauren tuts, shaking her forefinger at Abby in disapproval.

    “Never mind that, let's get on with it!” 

    “What's ‘it’?”

    “The story, you idiot!” Abby pushes the slightly smaller girl, making her come in contact with the rough surface of the tree. The collision causes the plastic bag to float down and land in her lap.

     By now the tomato has noticed that the bag has moved, and she is furious to find it residing in Lauren's lap. Her tiny legs make haste movements and she is stood before – cough, below – the two girls.

     “What are you doing clutching my love like that?” She stomps her feet repetitively, demanding an immediate answer.

    “Why do you care? You were just flirting with that perverted twig a second ago.” Abby speaks up for her friend who was currently wrestling with the bag as it tried to suffocate her.

    “He's just a friend!” 

    “Yeah that's what they all say.”

    Kane joins the group, preventing their dance battle from happening. His eyes rest on the cut on the tomato's once flawless skin and he picks Jessica up, licking her.

   The boy's taste buds feel like they're in heaven and he snorts whilst squealing, “trés bien!” 

   “OTP!” Lauren and Abby chirp, receiving a death from the shuddering tomato.


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