A Tomato's Love Story

A tomato and a boy.....will their love strive......or perish,??!?


5. five


     “Don't utter another word. Nobody wants to listen to any of the words coming out of your mouth,” Abby directs her glare towards the dumbfounded Lauren who was staring questioningly at the plastic bag as if she was laying her eyes on a newfound creature. 

     “Can't I just ask one question?” Lauren ignores the curse words emitting from the tomato's mouth as Kane cradled it, holding out the plastic bag so it was higher than her head. “Why does the plastic bag have human features? I’m a bit scared, to be honest.” 

     “Stop talking rubbish,” Abby rudely huffs in response, snatching the tomato from Kane's grip with an apologetic smile on her face. 

     “Look for yourself!” 

    “Why should I? You're obviously lying just to get my attention.” 

     “Just look!”


    “I will rip your throat out and feed it to the bloody plastic bag if you don't look,” Lauren threatens, her tone causing Abby to shiver and hesitantly turn her head. 

     “Those features do look human-like,” Abby murmured to herself, clueless as to how that was possible, “but how did this happen? Can it even talk?” 

     “Of course I can talk, you disgusting commoners.” The plastic bag spoke up, biting Lauren's hand so that cerise liquid spilled out. The plastic bag, who's name was unknown, salvated at the sight of the blood. As soon as it's arms developed, it grasped onto Lauren's arm and began licking and sucking up the iron-flavoured drink. 

     “We're the superior species yet you call us ‘commoners’?” Kane questioned, seemingly not affected by the strange creature's presence.

     “You carried me around — you even trusted me enough to put your precious wife inside of me,” The plastic bag scoffed, jumping away from the slightly disturbed humans. “It is clear that you are the inferior ones. Commoners, that's what you are.” 

     “I have no idea how to respo—” Lauren began before Abby cut her off.

     “But we made you. You wouldn't exist without us.” Abby pointed out, rolling her eyes at the bag's stupidity. “Yet... you're acting as if you despise us.” 

     “I do despise you,” the plastic bag laughed to itself, a smirk grazing across it's face. “Well, not all of you. I quite like that boy there.”

     It raised a finger and pointed to Kane, causing the boy to gulp and blink rapidly, not offering a reply. 

     “That's Kane,” Lauren informed, “he's in a relationship with Jessica, the tomato.”

     “Then I shall fight!” The bag exclaimed. “Fight to gain his affection and love! I will crush the tomato and prevail! He will be mine!” 


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