Tattoos and Hair Dye

I'm just a crazy fangirl like the rest, I don't understand how I got so lucky


1. Lol ur 5SOS

"Fucking hell" I curse to myself as I walk outside the airport.

It was really hot outside and I wasn't used to that considering I was in freezing cold planes and airports all day. I look around for a couple seconds checking if my friends are here yet.

"Where are you guys?" I text Sydney.

"Sorry, we forgot which time you were landing. We'll be there in 15 minutes." She texts back.

"UGHHHHH" I groan loudly as I pull my suitcase to the curb and sit down on the bench.

I reach down into my backpack pulling out my tickets. They got a bit bent while I was traveling but they're still okay. I finally got tickets to see two of my favorite bands, One Direction, and 5 Seconds Of Summer. THIRD ROW TICKETS TO SEE MY SUNSHINES. I couldn't be happier. I put the tickets back in my bag and decide to go on twitter. As I'm scrolling through my timeline, I get a text from Ashlynn. Ashlynn is my friend from Texas, we met on OkHello while looking for Tyler Oakley, and we've been friends ever since.

"Sup bitch"

"Hello to you too Ashlynn" I text back

"Are you back in Pennsylvania yet?"

"Yeah, I just landed like 15 minutes ago." I reply


My friends finally pull up to the curb.

"LING LING!" Rachel calls to me.

"Sup white bitch" I say while putting my bags in the trunk of her car.

"How was Hawaii?" Sydney asks me.

"It was good, I FaceTimed you like all the time, you already knew what it was like haha" I joke

"How was the flight though?" Rachel asks

"Really long" I reply

"Longer than Ashton's fingers?" Sydney jokes.

"LONGER THAN MICHAEL CLIFFORD'S DICK!" I add and Sydney starts laughing while Rachel just rolls her eyes.

"That's pretty long" Sydney says while still laughing.

"You guys are weird" Rachel complains as she drives onto the highway.

"Guys, IM HUNGRY. I haven't eaten a real meal in 17 hours. Let's stop by like McDonald's or something" I whine

"McDonald's sounds good, but who's paying?" Rachel asks

"I'LL PAY, JUST GET ME FOOD FOR FUCKS SAKE!" I cry from the back seat.

"Shhhh we're in a car, inside voices, Destiny." Rachel scolds me

"Oh come on, you know you missed me." I say sticking my head in between the two front seats.

We finally drive to a McDonald's and get some food. As we drive back to Rachel's place, we jam out to the radio. Since our concert that Sydney and I are going to is in Philadelphia, and Rachel has an apartment there, she was nice enough to let us stay there for a couple days so we could try to find the boys while they were there and to go to the concert. We were gonna be sleeping on her couch but it didn't even matter. Rachel was 18 and had already graduated highschool and was currently attending the University Of Arts but Sydney and I were going into our senior year. I am 16 and Sydney is 17.

We finally get to Rachel's apartment. She unlocks the door and I find the couch and fall onto it with a loud groan.

"Oh, Destiny, stop being so dramatic." Rachel says while rolling her eyes.

Then Sydney comes over and mocks me by falling onto the couch and groaning. Sydney and I start laughing as Rachel just shakes her head even though she's smiling. As I sit there, I look around her apartment.

"YOUR APARTMENT LOOKS REALLY MODERN AND POSH" I yell to Rachel in the other room.

"THANKS" she yells back.


"suckmyass123" she replies.

"OH MY FUCK YOU WEREN'T KIDDING!" I say while laughing as my phone connects

It was about 9pm and we had just been talking and watching YouTube videos for a couple hours.

"Where is 5SOS anyways?" Rachel asks

"They're in Philly, that's all we know so far." I say

"How did you know they're here?" She questions.

"Well first Calum tweeted about eating a cheesesteak, then Luke tweeted about eating a Pat's cheesesteak at Geno's and getting yelled at for it... And maybe the fact that Luke tweeted, 'Phillaaaaaaay' and 'Philly you guys are awesome'" I say, sounding more sarcastic towards the end.

She rolls her eyes at me and heads to bed, she never stays up late and always wakes up at a decent time... LAME.

Sydney and I talk for a couple more about how we're so excited to see the people we've been obsessing over for years now, perform live. Eventually she falls asleep and I'm stuck sitting there on my phone, up at 3am because of jetlag. I rummage through Rachel's cabinets and find what I was hoping for, Melatonin. If I was going to be looking for the boys tomorrow, I'd have to be well rested. I take two and go down the hall until I found the right closet. I get two blankets and bring them back to the couch. I cover Sydney with one before covering myself with one and slowly drifting off to sleep.

I'm woken up by the sounds of pots and pans being moved. I get up and go to the kitchen.

"What's all the noise for?" I groan while rubbing my eyes.

"We're making food, duh." Sydney says while waving a pan in the air.

"Shut up, you ass. I'm not stupid" I say

"You stupid" Sydney says.

"No I not" I play along

"What's nine plus ten?" she says laughing now

"Twenty one" I say and start laughing too

"You guys" Rachel said while rolling her eyes

"You roll your eyes at us too much, you know we're awesome." I say and flip my hair

"Haha whatever" she says while going back to the stove

"So what's for breakfast?" I ask

"Pancakes with eggs and bacon" she says

"YAS BACON" I say while walking over to help

After it's all ready we sit at the table and eat.

"What are you guys gonna be doing today?" Rachel asks

"Umm I don't know. Stalk 5SOS and One Direction on twitter. I don't know where they're gonna be today soooo" I trail off

"Oh, okay. Well I have to work today so I'll be back at about ten tonight." Rachel says

"Oh okay maybe we'll stop by later. It's just a couple blocks away right?" I ask

"Yeah" she replies

We finish eating and Rachel gets ready to leave for work and Sydney and I sit around the apartment for a couple hours and eventually we decide we want to go walk around for a bit. I go to my suitcase and get out a shirt and shorts and change into them. I brush my fair and wait for Sydney to finish her makeup. I don't really like wearing makeup. It takes time and effort and I'm just so lazy. Sydney comes out and the first thing I notice is her flower crown.

"What are you doing?" I ask

"What do you mean?" She asks

"You're wearing a flower crown, how very basic white girl of you" I joke with her

"I like to wear flower crowns out." She says

"Bitch this ain't Coachella." I tease and she told her eyes

She grabs her phone and we leave. We walk around for a bit before stopping into the diner where Rachel worked. We walk in but there was nobody there except for the workers. Rachel greets us and we just sit with her at a booth since today is a slow day. Rachel goes back into the kitchen for a bit and Sydney and I get bored. I decide to dance along to the music playing in the diner because why not. Sydney joins me and all of a sudden SLSP starts playing. We dance crazily and laugh considering we're dancing in a diner just like some of the people in the music video. I sing along loudly and annoyingly when we hear the bell on the door ring, signaling that someone had walked in. Rachel calls over saying she'll be right there to seat them. I don't pay attention to them and keep dancing but Sydney stops and just stares.

"Wha-" I start to say but trail off as I look at who's standing by the entrance.

It's the Australian sex gods I've been obsessing over. I was in the middle of a crazy dance move and stopped so suddenly that I fell.

"Fuck" I mumble to myself

"Are you okay?" Ashton asks as Sydney just stands there and laughs at me since it's that's naturally her first reaction.

"Yeah I'm okay." I say blushing and stand up

"Those were some nice dance moves you got there" Ashton says giggling

I stand there for a bit just comprehending that I actually heard Ashton's giggle in real life before they all start giving me weird looks. I hadn't responded and was just staring at them.

"Oh thanks" I finally say as Rachel finally pops out of the kitchen and grabs the menus before stopping in her tracks as she looks at the four men before her.

"Well shit" she says before walking over and seating them at a booth.

"Well, my name is Rachel and I will be your waitress for the evening." She says while handing them the menus.

"How about I start you off with some drinks, what would you guys like?" she says

Sydney and I still stand by the door before standing behind the counter and watch them order their drinks as Rachel walks back to the kitchen to get them. I take out my phone and started to take a picture when the shutter sound went off. I was so surprised and embarrassed that I fumbled with my phone and dropped it onto the other side of the counter where it fell onto the ground.

"Did you just try to take a picture of us?" Luke asks

"Pfft what I- well I mean- you- I- um-" I stammer

The boys laugh and I can't even look at them I'm so embarrassed.

"It's okay haha you could just ask for a pic." Michael says.

Fuck his voice sounds so great I'm pretty sure I just died.

"Yeah, we love meeting fans so it's not a hassle." Calum adds

"Well what if I'm not a fan?" I blurt out. God dammit why do I have to be such a smart ass.

"Well by the way you keep staring at us, I think you're a fan, or you're just charmed by our dashing good looks." Michael says

"You got me there." I say shrugging and starting to loosen up.

Rachel finally comes back with the drinks and the boys order their food.

"Hey, um, what's your name?" Michael says while gesturing towards me.

"Oh, I'm Destiny, and this is Sydney." I say

"Hello" Sydney says.

"Why don't you guys sit with us?" Michael motions over to the booth

"Yeah, come sit with us" they all say as Sydney and I look at each other and internally fangirl.

We walk over and bring a seat from another table. I put my seat next to Michael and Sydney put hers next to Ashton.

"Shit" I mutter to myself before standing up and picking up my phone.

I return to the table and we just talk about how the concert was today.

"Are you seeing us tomorrow?" Luke asks

"Yeah, actually" Sydney says

"I got two third row tickets and I'm bringing her with me" I say

"Oh, third row. Those are pretty close. where are your seats?" Calum asks

"F5" I say

"Cool, so that'll be on our left when we come onstage" Ashton asks

"Yeah" I reply

My phone goes off and it's a text from Ashlynn.

"Sorry, it's my friend- wait. I have an idea" I say

"What is it" they all say almost in unison

"Could you all follow my friend on twitter? I want to see what her reaction is like." I say

"Haha okay" Ashton says as they all pull out their phones and I tell them her @

"Now we wait" I say

"Oh and you should follow us on twitter too" Sydney adds

"Oh right, yeah could you please follow us." I say

"Yeah, no problem." Michael says

"My twitter is @DestinyMcNeal such a clever name huh? Where'd I come up with that?" I say sarcastically

They chuckle and Sydney tells them her @

At this time Ashlynn has started to blow up my phone with things like "DESTINY HOLY SHIT THWY ALK JUST FOLLOWED ME I HAVE 5/4 NOW WHATT HE HELL" and "I CANT BRWATEH" I laugh and decide to ask Calum if he could make a video for her. He agrees and just says hi Ashlynn I love you. and we send it.


All the boys were glued to their phones when I noticed something weird. Michael was on twitter. and not just anywhere on twitter, he looking at my tweets. I watch anxiously as he scrolls through and pray that he stops before seeing the horrible things I say. Shit. Shit. Shit. Michael laughs out loud and everyone looks at him.

"What?" Luke questions as I hide my face between my hands

"I was just looking through Destiny's tweets and they're fucking hilarious!" he says while still laughing.

"WHAT?" I say

"You're really funny" he says

"I- oh- well-" I say while fanning myself with my hand as I look at Sydney with wide eyes.

OHMYGOD this is too much. I'm gonna faint. I'm gonna cry. I'm gonna scream. I'm gonna do all fucking three at the same time. The actual love of my life, my idol, basically my JESUS, has just said I was funny. I'm pretty sure I'm dead. I'm still freaking out when I realize that Michael is reading some of my tweets out loud.

"No, STAHP." I say hiding my face behind my hands. I look to Sydney for help and all she does is laugh.

"That's my favorite one!" she says throwing her head back and laughing.

Rachel comes back with the food while Michael is in the middle of reading another one.

"You guys are reading Destiny's tweets?" she asks while handing them their meals.

"Yeah, she's really funny." Michael says while looking at me.

I flip my hair and smile as Rachel agrees with him.

"Michael Clifford, lemme ride yo-" he starts to say as he stops and looks at me with a smirk on his face.

FUCK. FUCK. FUCK. FUCK. FUCK. I start to blush and he just keeps looking at me as Sydney realizes which tweet he was reading aloud. She bursts into a fit of laughter as everyone just looks at her, considering no one else but her, Michael, and I knew what was so funny. Tears start to form as she's laughing so hard and I push her and she almost falls out of the seat. Which is when I started laughing too.

"BITCH" she says while still laughing

"Yup" I say smiling at her.

The boys finish their meals and order dessert. We start to talk more about ourselves since Sydney and I know everything about them already.

"You guys are pretty cool" Luke says

"Pfft you guys are cooler." Sydney says.

We talk more and Rachel comes back with the desserts. They eat and talk and we have a great time. After a while they got up to leave and we hugged and took pictures. After taking pictures with all four, I start to take selfies with each boy, leaving Michael for last. We take a few pictures before he kissed my cheek as I'm still taking pictures. I gasp and he just chuckles. We hug again and we start talking while the others are still taking pictures.

"So, um, can I get your number?" he asks

"Oh. I- um- yeah, t-totally!" I stammer as he hands me his phone.

I type in my number and hand his phone back to him with shaky hands.

"It's getting kind of late maybe we should go now." Calum says and we all hug again.

The second they are out the door I start screaming. Through the window, I can see them laughing so I guess they heard me. i continue to scream as Sydney and I jump around and finally let all our fangirling out.

"So what did you and Michael talk about? I saw you two talking." she says with a suggestive grin on her face.

"He aSKED FOR MY NUMBER!!!" I say and we scream in excitement.


"I don't know but holy shit this is the best day of my life." I say

We sit in the diner and discuss what has just happened and tweet EVERYTHING, our pictures and everything that happened at the diner, until Rachel says her shift is over and we all walk back to her apartment. As soon as we get back, my phone goes off and it's a text from a number I don't know.

"Hey" I read the message out loud.

"Oh, this is Michael by the way" I read

"Oh" I reply "Hello again"

I save his number and set his name as Michael with a bunch of heart emojis and set the pic as one I took tonight with him. We text for a while before I decide I should go to bed. I text him goodnight and he replies with a "Goodnight see you tomorrow" with a winking emoji.

I smile to myself as I think about all the things that have happened this night. I get up to go to change into my pajamas as I see Rachel in the hallway.

"Hey, Rachel?" I ask

"Yeah?" she says sleepily

"Why did you hide in the kitchen all night?" I question

"Because I didn't want to embarrass myself." she says laughing

"Oh, haha okay" I say and walk into the bathroom to change.

"Goodnight." she says while walking back to her room.

"Goodnight" I reply

I go back to the living room and lay down on the couch. I think about tomorrow as I drift off to sleep.

(Wow it's my first chapter, finally finished. Took me long enough. Ugh. Dear friends who were anticipating me publishing this, congrats it's out now. But I finished it at like 1am and it's 5am and I haven't slept bc ASHTON IRWIN WANTS TO DO A FUCKING FOLLOWING SPREE UGH. I stayed up all night for this loser that didn't even follow me. Anyways if you read this, I hope you enjoy my story. Chapter two is coming soon. I know it's shit but it might get better. If you want, follow me on twitter to know when I'm updating and also bc my tweets are hilarious @DestinyMcNeal )

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