Everything I Didnt Say

5sos made a vow that girlfriends are off limits. But when Ashton falls in love with the girl next door, how will he keep it a secret. With bitter words spoken, everything's broken. It's too late to bring it back to life. With time ticking away, will it all be okay? Or will they fade regretting everything they didn't say.

Self harming,
Drug use,
Suicidal scenes,
Hospital scenarios,
Near death experiences,
Brutal Arguments

You could say it has everything but to a certain extent. Don't freak out if you feel uncomfortable about any of those things.
The story makes for a good read and you will not get bored. Give it a go!

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26. yay

Sorry it's been awhile, if you guys even Like my story anyways. Enjoy the update.

Lukes POV

"What? What happened?" Michael asks thinking ash is talking random crap.

"Michael, I am mental. I pushed Calum off the balcony because he pissed me off. Now I feel like going to the top of a 76 floor building and pushing myself off a balcony." Ashton stated. I looked at michael and he stood up. "Ashton. Are you the same person?" He asked. Ashton looked at him and then put his head down. Michael moved to the door. "I'm going to see CALUM." He stated. Leaving me with Ashton. "Are you leaving Luke?" He asked sighing. "No." I replied. He looked up at me. "But why would you stay?" He asked. I didn't reply I just hugged him. He started crying. I walked to the bathroom and came out holding numerous items. "Ashton I'm throwing these things away. Everything, the guns and the drugs" I told him. He nodded. "I have to do something too" ash says as i pack things into my backpack. "Ashton, don't do anything stupid while I'm gone." I warn. "I'm finally doing something right" he says. Hesitantly I leave and walk a few blocks down on my way to the beach. I'll just throw all this shit into the ocean and that'll be that. I'm in a beanie and jacket cause it's quite cold. Firstly though I'm getting a cheeseburger, I mean come on they taste like heaven. At the register i open my bag forgetting there's shit in their. Hoping the chick didn't see, I quickly remove change. She gives me a funny look and stares me down as I leave. I realise I just paid her and walked out so i re enter feeling like an idiot. So that's why she gave me a funny look. "Yeah I forgot my meal" i shyly state. "Ya think?" She says passing me the bag. I smile and leave. I walk down to the beach passing the street of Ashton's brothers house. Wondering how ashton is doing. I decide to go and see what the house looks like purely out of curiosity. It's actually nice. I decide to sit on the front porch and eat my cheeseburger. Yep. I sat on a dead mans porch eating a cheeseburger.

"Oi what are you doing?" I hear the voice of a middle aged man. That's when I see a police officer. "Just sat down to eat a cheeseburger." I state as I get up and begin to walk away. "Stop mister. Come here." He demands. What for siting on a crime scene? Okay that sounds worse then it is. A lady walks out of the house next door. The police officer hints towards me. She looks at me and nods. "It's him." She whispers scaredly as she moved towards the police officer. "Um what?" I ask confused. "Silence young man and put your hands behind your back." He asks. "Just for sitting on-"

"I said silence. Take your bag off"

I do as I'm told and put my hands behind my back and he escorts me to the car. "Now you just shut up and don't say a word." He yells as I am chucked in the back.

We arrive at the local police station and I have no clue what's going on. I didn't know there was a law against sitting on a property. Well a dead persons. Once again it sounds worse when you say it. "You sit here, Paul watch him" he says as he ushers me to a seat in the hall. He asks me to remove my possessions and jacket for inspection. He takes my bag, my jacket, my mobile and my- WAIT OH FUCK. The bag. Oh no oh no oh no. Im completely screwed. Sitting on a property with illegal drugs and firearms. As if they'll believe there not mine. This is just great. The cop comes back out. "You've been caught. You'll be in prison until court where a sentence will be made."

He leads me into a cell and ANOTHER officer comes to the bars.

He is holding in his hands a few of the items of Ashton's including some type of drugs and a gun. "These items are going to land you in here for a long time buddy. And we are checking this gun for blood."

"Why?" I question. "So we have evidence to prove you are te murderer if Sean irwin and dale Finlay" he speaks a he walks away. "Wait no, come back. COME BACK I DIDNT DO IT. They aren't mine! HELLO?" No response. I look around. Well the cell is different to what I thought. It has a desk and a proper single bed. In the corner it has a small TV with only the news channel. Yay for me (sarcasm) i flop onto the uncomfortable bed and place my head in my hands. This is fucked. I jolt back and watch the TV. It's so boring I fall asleep.

2 days and I'm still sitting here. No one knows I'm here because I can't just whip out my phone or any form of contact. Well no one knew I'm here unless they were watching the news this morning.

"Headline. Murderer of Dale Finlay and Sean irwin was arrested on the crime scene last night. Evidence of several illicit drugs plus firearms were found. Lucas hemmings at the age of 22 will face court this coming week."

I'm scared, I could be in jail for life. This sucks.

*5 hours later*

I spent the day flipping around and sleeping. The official 5 o'clock news was on. I've watched enough of that. I'm so bored out of my mind. Another story about me comes on.

"We are at the crime scene where the supposed killer of two men was arrested last night. Police have now confirmed the blood of dale Finlay was found on the gun that the killer had in his back pack. This evidence will be crucial for the-"

"STOP" someone yells coming into the shot. ASHTON! I nearly fall off my bed. I watch.

"Luke is not the killer. It's me. I am pleading guilty. Luke took my things away from me and went to dispose of them. If you don't believe me then check the DNA on the syringes. " He said before the security took him out of the scene. "Well it seems there's a new branch to the case. Stay posted as we track this murder mystery"

Ashton turned himself in.

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