Everything I Didnt Say

5sos made a vow that girlfriends are off limits. But when Ashton falls in love with the girl next door, how will he keep it a secret. With bitter words spoken, everything's broken. It's too late to bring it back to life. With time ticking away, will it all be okay? Or will they fade regretting everything they didn't say.

Self harming,
Drug use,
Suicidal scenes,
Hospital scenarios,
Near death experiences,
Brutal Arguments

You could say it has everything but to a certain extent. Don't freak out if you feel uncomfortable about any of those things.
The story makes for a good read and you will not get bored. Give it a go!

Please Fan me and if this Fab fic isn't your cup of tea then I have 2 other fan fics that might float your boat.



15. can you hear me?

(Luke is still in his coma but he can see what Ashton is doing. Luke doesn't know he's in a coma)


"Ashton? Hello? I'm behind you!" I yell as I follow him down the street. He ignores me like I'm a ghost. I follow him into the house. "Ashton I forgive you for everything!" I yell as I follow him in Belarnas house. He is ignoring me. I follow him into the bathroom and he begins to cut. "Ashton! ASHTON STOP, STOP! ASHTON! STOP CUTTING! ASHTON YOUR GOING TO KILL YOURSELF.

Michaels POV. Cr

I'm sitting visiting Luke watching him sleep.

*Beep beep beep*

"Ashton your going to kill yourself!" Luke screamed and woke up crying after 3 weeks. "Luke?" I question whether I'm dreaming. "Michael? How did I get back here? Why am I still in here. I was just at Ashton's and-

Luke's POV.

I don't know what I need to survive but I unclip the mask from my face and take out needles and pumps that are hooked to me, it hurts really bad. I run outside. Michael is chasing me. "Luke stop you need to be checked!" He yells before disappearing to call a doctor. Theirs no time to waste. I race to Ashton's in michaels car, he always leaves his keys in. Idiot. I only just learnt how to drive and technically this is illegal but non of that matters. After a few bad turns and some screeches and near misses I arrive.

Ashton's POV

The pills are up on the shelf. I can't reach them. It hurts to move. I cut really deep and blood is seeping. But I need the pills to end this. I want to die quicker then bleeding out. Well I was probalbly dreaming. He ran over to me and he-


Ashton stared at me like he'd seen a ghost. The only ghost here was him due to the blood loss. He passes out and I freak out. I don't know why I was here and then the hospital but I'm feeling fine. I start feeling really dizzy but forget and instead continue tyrna wake ash. "BUDDY? CAN YOU HEAR ME?" I look down to see that not only has Ashton created a blood patch on the but it has gotten on my shirt. I go to pic ash up and take him to the hospital. But first I remove my shirt. The blood was coming from me. From were I unhooked all the thingys. I brushed it of and continued to pick him up. As I walked downstairs I was fading. Must...Save ... Ash.. Ton.

*passed out*

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