Everything I Didnt Say

5sos made a vow that girlfriends are off limits. But when Ashton falls in love with the girl next door, how will he keep it a secret. With bitter words spoken, everything's broken. It's too late to bring it back to life. With time ticking away, will it all be okay? Or will they fade regretting everything they didn't say.

Self harming,
Drug use,
Suicidal scenes,
Hospital scenarios,
Near death experiences,
Brutal Arguments

You could say it has everything but to a certain extent. Don't freak out if you feel uncomfortable about any of those things.
The story makes for a good read and you will not get bored. Give it a go!

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8. Broken Promises

Ashton's POV

I sat watching through the curtain as Belarna read her diary. Soon she would see what I wrote. I hate relationships. I shouldn't have broken the oath. Everyone just kicks me to the curb and I end up crying. She reads the page with a confused look and then gets worried. I lie down my bed. I don't know who to talk to or who will understand. Luke. He always does. He's had more heartbreaks then the amount of glasses I've smashed on the floor. I walk out and say "luke can we talk?" He can tell its important. We walk into our room and I sit on my bed while he is on his. "What's up ash?" He says. "I broke the oath, I started dating Belarna, and we have been dating for 3 weeks. she kissed Michael!" I said trying to act manly. "If Michael told you then it's probably not true" said luke. "No luke, it was written in her diary. I-I read it" I'm nearly crying but I have to stay tough. Right then and their I see luke jump over into her house. I follow. She is ripping out pages in the diary. "Luke! Luke! Someone wrote things in this diary about me and Michael. Was it you?" She yelled. "No it wasn't" after they spoke I walked in. "Ashton I swear it wasn't me that's not even my diary!, this ones mine and it was under the bed. Besides my handwriting isn't like this" she said. "Well I can't date you, because I have an oath to hold." Ashton said. He didn't believe her. " I saw your status about watching the movie" "Ashton Ashton no! I saw it with Kieran my bestfriend" Belarna was upset. I just can't do this so I walk out. "Liar"

Luke's POV

I don't know what I just watched. Belarna runs to me and hugs me crying. "What do I do luke?" She said. "I will talk to him" I say and go home. Ashton looks really mad. "Ashton you shouldn't have left her she really loves you Michael wrote in the diary, it's his handwriting" I say. "Luke you don't understand" he yells at me. "I know for sure that she is different" I say. "I don't need advice from a stupid young idiot that can't keep a relationship so piss of" he yells. I just stand there shocked. I've never heard that from Ashton. "I SAID PISS THE FUCK OFF LUKE" I step back and leave quietly. Ashton has never been this mad. I hear Belarna walk in. I peep through the door. "WTF ASHTON" she yells. "NEVER EVER YELL AT LUKE LIKE THAT AGAIN YOU- YOU- DICK HEAD" she yells crying. "Belarna I just-" "You just what? Just were mad? Well that's no excuse" she walks towards the door so I back away. She walks out sees me and out of the blue kisses me. I don't even know why she is so mad that Ashton yelled at me. "STOP FUCKING YELLING" an angry calum walks in. "Ashton's in a bad mood" I say. "Ashton's never in a bad mood" he says and we all walk in. Ashton's already at the door and he grabs Belarna and pulls her in. "I'm so sorry he says. I just couldn't lose you but I couldn't have my heart broken" ash said. "Well if you don't trust me to not break your heart then I don't trust you to be my boyfriend. I'm leaving ash. Don't talk to me anymore. I'm locking my balcony door." She storms out onto her balcony and locks the door. But she opens it and chucks Ashton's bandana in a scrunched up ball into our room. "I just don't understand" said Ashton. Me and calum sit beside him. Michael walks in. Instantly ash walks over and punches him right in the face. Michael gets up and kicks him and they start throwing eachother against walls. I am younger and weaker then both of them but I have to pull them apart. I got knocked against the wall and I hit my head on the doorknob. I don't know what happened next.

Michaels POV

"Ashton you DICK what the fuck did I do?" Michael yelled pushing him against the wall. "Everything. You created the oath. You made up the kissing lie and you wrote in belarna's diary." He pushed him back against the bed. "Ash it was just a joke" I say holding my nose. "GUYS" I hear calum yell from the ground. I look to see luke on the ground bleeding from his head. It's really bad. "OH MY GOD" Ashton says while I dial the ambulance. "Hello, yes we have a head injury, it doesn't matter how it happened" I tell them the address and hang up. I can't believe me and Ashton fighting caused this to happen to luke. His the youngest but most responsible and just wanted this all to stop. "Ashton I am sorry I am stupid for creating that oath. Luke is hurt" I feel like an idiot. Ashton's heartbroken and calum doesn't trust me anymore. Calum is just lying next to luke. "Calum are you okay?" I ask. "Don't talk to me Michael, look what you have done" he said. The ambulance arrives and takes luke with all of us in the back with him.

Will luke be okay? Will calum forgive Michael and Ashton. What has happened with Belarna and ash? What secrets does calum have? Find out next ~Maddie xx

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