Everything I Didnt Say

5sos made a vow that girlfriends are off limits. But when Ashton falls in love with the girl next door, how will he keep it a secret. With bitter words spoken, everything's broken. It's too late to bring it back to life. With time ticking away, will it all be okay? Or will they fade regretting everything they didn't say.

Self harming,
Drug use,
Suicidal scenes,
Hospital scenarios,
Near death experiences,
Brutal Arguments

You could say it has everything but to a certain extent. Don't freak out if you feel uncomfortable about any of those things.
The story makes for a good read and you will not get bored. Give it a go!

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21. Breaking the silence

Calum's POV

I have been hanging with Kieran and mimi (her other bff besides Belarna). I'm taking some time to process this whole situation. Me and Kieran have been together some time now but due to this whole hospital experience time has been limited. I kiss Kieran goodbye and wave to Mimi as they hop out of the car. I head to belarnas where Michael has been helping her through this situation that I still know nothing about. I decide to visit her and hear the story.

Michaels POV

I hear the door open, Calum walks in. Belarna is on my chest crying. I'm stroking her back and pulling her hair out of her face. "Hey Belarna, look I roused at ashton for the way he treated you. I know you didn't do anything wrong, don't worry about him." He says. "That's not the problem Calum!" She says crying. I know it's time she breaks it to the others. I call mimi and Kieran over.

When they arrive I sit back and tilt Belarna up. She tells the story.

"I was walking back from visiting luke last month. I took the shortcut through the forest thinking everything was okay. A man.... *sniffle* sorry... A man grabbed me and took *sniffle* me back to his house. He said he was going to rape and kill me *sniffle* I tried fighting back and kicked him in the balls. I screamed out. No one heard. *sniffle* I was raped. He put a mask on as he sharpened his knife and Came closer to my neck. That's when Michael came in and pinned him down knocking him out and locking him in his own basement. I told Michael not to call the cops. Recently 2 weeks ago I discovered I was pregnant. The reason I wasn't taking the pill was due to the fact me and ashton, we did decide we wanted a child. The baby could be his but by how fast it's grown it has to be a month."

Suddenly everyone was in tears crying and hugging her. I had heard the story 3 times now but it was terrible. I saved her life but there was still one thing on my mind. "Belarna when the baby's born tests can be done to check who's baby it is" Kieran suggested. "Who was it Belarna, do you know who did it?" I asked. "Michael you should know, you saved her." Mimi questioned. "Yes but he had a mask on" I stated.

Belarna cried into the couch. Something was uneasy, I had a feeling the person was no stranger. "I can't DNA test, because, BECAUSE..... THE DNA WOULD BE TO CLOSE TO TELL, it was... It was Sean Irwin... It was Ashton's older brother. THAT IS WHY I DIDNT WANT TO TELL HIM."

Everyone froze, Sean. Everything was clear now.

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