Everything I Didnt Say

5sos made a vow that girlfriends are off limits. But when Ashton falls in love with the girl next door, how will he keep it a secret. With bitter words spoken, everything's broken. It's too late to bring it back to life. With time ticking away, will it all be okay? Or will they fade regretting everything they didn't say.

Self harming,
Drug use,
Suicidal scenes,
Hospital scenarios,
Near death experiences,
Brutal Arguments

You could say it has everything but to a certain extent. Don't freak out if you feel uncomfortable about any of those things.
The story makes for a good read and you will not get bored. Give it a go!

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7. A Diary Full of Lies

Michaels POV

A few weeks have passed. I woke up today still curious to why Ashton's been spending so much time with Belarna. Secretly I liked her too, so I had to find out what's going on. It was 5:30 am and all the boys were sleeping. I snuck into belarna's house and into her room. Of course it was there beside her bed. That diary she's always writing in. I just don't know where she put the key. I rummage through her drawers quietly and eventually find it wrapped up in some stupid bandana. I unlock the diary and read the pages. I see a page about kissing Ashton written a few days ago and a page about me offering her alcohol and then I flip through countless pages of her and Ashton's dates.

Dear Diary

Today was the best day of my life. I don't think I would've planned it any better myself. The beach, Icecream and a romantic kiss watching the sunset, is anything more perfect than that! On the way home ash and me made up nicknames for each other after... He asked me out! I was so excited but I'm not allowed to tell anyone!!!!!

Belarna (narni as ash calls me)

While I had her diary I decided to play a harmless prank on Belarna. I noticed she had a wrapped up diary. Probably because this one was nearly full. It was the exact same colour and had the exact same key. I unwrapped it and did my best girly handwriting. I re-wrote the whole Ashton kiss and the date they went on.then I decided to add a new page...

Dear Diary

I just had the best day with Michael. Better then even yesterday with ash. We went to see the new movie "the fault in our stars" Michael wiped my tears and we kissed after. Even though I'm dating Ashton. But it was just one kiss so it means nothing.


Haha Belarna would open it and be like WTF ahaha. I put her old diary under her bed and her new one back on her bedside table with the key in her bandana. When she opens it this will be funny. But I quickly left to get ready for my meeting.

3:40 pm afternoon

Readers POV

Belarna had actually gotten up and went out to see "the fault in our stars" with her bff Kieran. Michael laughed when she posted a status saying "the fault in our stars with the bestie" because it was a coincidence that he wrote it in her diary and then she actually saw the movie without even reading the diary. Michael was out too meeting an executive to talk about a song writing session. He had an an idea for a song called 'mrs all American'. Michael and Belarna both arrived home at the same time. Her from her movie and him from the meeting. He tried to beat her up to Ashton's room to look through to her room and watch her open it but she didn't and Ashton came in. "What the hell are you doing Michael" Michael wasn't gonna let Ashton know he knew yet. "Oh just um- I have to pee" he said. Ashton was really confused but ignored it. He had better things to worry about like beating luke at FIFA so he got to choose what to have for dinner.


After luke cooked an amazing spaghetti bolognase Ashton sneakily went to his room and out onto his balcony. Belarna wasn't in her room so he went in to find her. He heard that she was in the shower so he just sat on her bed waiting. The last time that he saw her diary he didn't open it so he decided not to this time. After a minute the urge was to tempting and he unlocked it. He read the cute things about him and their dates together. He turned to today and saw what Michael had written.

Ashton's POV

Awe she writes things about me everyday that's really cute. I turn the page see what she got up to today.

Dear diary

I just had the best day with Michael. Better then even yesterday with ash. We went to see the new movie "the fault in our stars" Michael wiped my tears and we kissed after. Even though I'm dating Ashton.


"What! That's -" I read it again

We kissed after

I didn't want to believe it. But her Facebook said she was seeing it. Why would they kiss! Obviously it's not michaels fault since he didn't know we were dating. But why would Belarna kiss him.

It meant more then me obviously

Your ex Ashton (never call me ashwee)

I'm an idiot. This was why we had the oath. For no heartbreaks, I get up and get back onto my balcony. "Ashton! " Belarna says excitedly seeing me climbing. I ignore her. I bet she thinks I don't know.

Readers POV

The truth is Belarna hadn't even read the Diary but she was about to. Ashton had left it lying on the ground in her room and his bandana. "Aww he read my diary aha" she said. Then she opened it.


Aww poor Ashton. Michael didn't mean for him to see it. It was just meant to make Belarna confused. What will she say when she reads it. How is Ashton now that he is heartbroken? I hope you like this~Maddie

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