I won't back down

I will stay strong I will stand tall. This goes to all the people that are to scared to stand up for them selves. You might think it make sit worse but it won't. It can stop everything.


1. The start/ downfall and uprise

I hear a giggle from behind. I keep walking not wanting stop. I feel an arm go around my shoulder. "So what are you doing this weekend" he asks. 
This was it was he trying to flirt with me because now it was getting annoying. He had told me that I has nice eyes and a beautiful smile. At first I thought it was nice but no I'm getting a bit annoyed. I turn around and face him. We are at the back of the group and only his friends are here. 
"If you are asking if I want to go out with you then no. I'm not allowed a boyfriend and I certainly don't want one. So will you stop flattering me and leave me alone." I say trying not to yell.
 I then speed of to find my real friends.
-end of flashback-

How could I know those few words could bring me hell for a whole semester. How could I know that I was going to get bruises. How could I have known I would drag my friends into it. How would have known..... But if I hadn't had said those words then I would not be a strong girl I am now a couple of months later. I don't really regret now what I said but I still went through hell and felt like the world gave up on me. I had gotten bullied for a while and was about to lose all hope but I managed to pick myself up with the help of my friends.

I walk down the corridor to my class and I hear those giggles behind me. 'Why won't they leave me alone.' I think. I line up outside the door waiting for my teacher to come and let my class in. I told my self that him and his friends wouldn't get to me. But I think he is. I haven't been speaking as much in class. The door finally opens. I hear one of his friends kari laugh. I turn around and see she is laughing at me. I just look down then as I go to walk in he came up to me " now there is no one to laugh at now" he says then walks into class. Man I hate him. I walk into class and sit at the front of the class with my friends Elsa, Carly, Bridie and Gina. "Hey Rose what's wrong." Bridie asks 
"it nothing" I reply.
 "Rose I heard what Oscar said don't act like its nothing." 
"Ok just it is starting to get to me" I say.
The convocation ends there but I know she will ask at lunch or in between periods. This is why Bridie is my best friend she is always next to me and won't let me go through this alone. It can get annoying but she is like a sister and is protective of me. 

In the middle of class I get a nudge from someone under the table I look up and see Bridie has wrote something down. 'Rose r u paying attention' it reads I scribble back 'no I zoned out for a bit oops :(' 'it's ok u can use my notes' 'thanks'. it's been happening a lot lately. I keep zoning out even though I try as hard as I can to keep focused but my mind keeps wondering to if the bullying is gonna get worse. I zone out again.

-lunch time- 
Bridie walks beside me around the school. We don't really talk until she breaks the silence.
"Rose you need to stand up for yourself again" she says
"I know but..... I feel like it makes things worse" I say looking at the ground.
"If anything not saying anything makes things worse. You used to stand up for yourself."
"Yes I did......." I let out a deep breath 
"And I will start to again" I say with a big smile.
Bridie smiled as well. We keep walking around the school we finally go to the library and do some homework and play some games.

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