Hermione and her Slytherins

The war is over and everyone is going back to Hogwarts for their final year including the Slytherins. Ron and Harry aren't so happy about it but Hermione says that they were cleared of all death eater charges and should be given another chance.


2. The first week

Hermione and Draco both had their own bedroom and bathroom but shared a common room including a kitchen. After a few days of classes Draco had all of the slytherin boys in the common room when Hermione came out of her afternoon shower. She was in a pair of little shorts and a tight white t-shirt that stopped above her belly button. She could hear mumbled conversation on the other side of her door. She pressed up against it and listened. "You have to admit lads since all of our death eater family members are dead or in prison we can bang whatever we want" said Blaise Zabini, the handsome Italian was a notorious womanizer and had slept with every pure blood girl in the school. "Thats true, I definitely wanna tap some of the hot muggleborns we got walking around. Especially Granger, damn she would get it hard." replied Theo Nott, who was normally pretty quiet and said nothing unless he meant it. "Have you seen the length of her skirts recently god she looking good" called Goyle who had slimmed over the summer and grown remarkably handsome. "Hey, stop talking about my room mate like that." said Draco "Besides if anyone's getting to bang her first its me"

Hermione decided it was time to make sure they knew she was in the dorm. She opened her door and walked across the living room. When she reached the kitchen she opened a high cabinet and stretched up to reach a glass. As she did this all the boys saw the small butterfly tattoo on her lower back. Theo and Greg couldn't help but let out a quiet wolf whistle. Hermione smirked to herself and place the glass on the counter. She could see the boys all eyeing her up as she bent down whilst opening the fridge and pulling out a bottle of coke she put in there before.  Hermione was pouring it into the glass when Blaise finally spoke up "What you got there Granger?". As she looked up she spilled some coke onto the white t-shirt and it stained straight through. "Oh it's just coke, a muggle drink. Why you want some?" she replied as she used a tea towel to rub her shirt and chest. The boys were silent, completely mesmerized by Hermione Granger touching her breasts in front of them. She looked up at them and realised what she was doing. Just to intice them further she moved the tea towel slower and rubbed her nipples making them stand out towards the group. Hermione opened her mouth and made a small moan. Then abruptly stopped picked up her glass and walked towards her room. "Goodnight boys, sweet dreams".


Wow was all that came to Draco's mind. "Dibs" called Blaise. That was all it took for the competition to begin. Whoever gets Hermione Granger into bed first wins. Of course this doesn't mean that the others would still pursue her they just wouldn't get there first. 

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