Hermione and her Slytherins

The war is over and everyone is going back to Hogwarts for their final year including the Slytherins. Ron and Harry aren't so happy about it but Hermione says that they were cleared of all death eater charges and should be given another chance.


4. Lets play master and slave

Hermione had enjoyed her time with Theo he was definitely through. The truth be told she enjoyed that he was open to doing anything to her. She loved having a cock in her ass and feeling every hole be filled with cum. She was a slut like that.

She was sat at the Gryffindor table whilst she contemplated this over her breakfast. Of course thoughts like these instantly made her horny. What is a girl to do? Well she could pick her next shag and she would do it fast. Hermione sensually whilst locking eyes with her next cock. He watched her rise and Hermione pouted her lips slightly and bent just the right way to allow him a flash of her lush tits.

Hermione wandered down the dungeon corridor knowing that he was following her like a little lost puppy. She turned in to a small room that she found at the start of the year. The tall tanned Italian followed her in. “Hello Blaise” she called from her where she perched on the only desk in the room. “Hello Hermione”. Hermione was fast and had taken off her robe and unbuttoned her shirt before he was even in the room. Blaise’s eyes quickly travelled her body stopping at her large breasts, hard nipples and damp panties. She lowered her hand to pull her skirt up and pushed her small panties to the side. This showed Blaise her moist shaven centre. “Do you see what you do to me Blaise? You make my pussy all wet and ready to fuck.” She called to him. He stepped forward as Hermione flicked her hand towards the door locking it and creating a silencing charm around the room. “I’ve showed you mine. Now you show me yours Blaise”. As soon as she finished the sentence he had pulled his shirt and jumper off and was undoing his belt. Quickly he stood before her completely exposed. Hermione slipped off the table and clasped her hand around his thick long cock. “You’re so big Blaise. I want it in me”. As the words left her mouth Blaise lifted her up and placed her face down on the table. “Which hole do you want it in slut? Your tight pussy or your tight arse?” Blaise growled at her. Hermione’s pussy quivered. “It is your choice Master”. “You wanna play master and slave do you whore. Well then Slave you cannot cum until I tell you to. You mustn’t cum before master. If you do you will be filled with cum in every hole and left here to be a fuck doll for any male who wants it.” Blaise told her in a dark brooding voice. “Yes master” panted Hermione, enjoying playing slave. Hermione just finished agreeing when Blaise slid his cock into her pussy. He pumped in and out a few times before pulling out completely. He lined himself up and ramming into her tight little arsehole. “UHHHHH” called Blaise “Your arse is so tight”. He held Hermione’s arms together and pulled her top half up off the table. “OHHHH” she screeched. Her pussy was now grinding against the table edge driving her closer to orgasm. Blaise continued to fuck her like this for 10 minutes before she started orgasm. Her asshole squeezed tight around his cock. This made him cum deep inside her arse. “Bad Slave. What did master say no cumming before he did.” Blaise picked up his wand and bound her tightly. He made a plate appear below where they were connected. He pulled his cock from her small body. His cum flooded out and on to the plate. “Get on your knees slave.” She turned and dropped to his feet. Blaise had picked up the plate and forced her mouth open. “Drink up whore” He poured all the cum from the plate into her mouth and made her swallow it. She lapped at the plates edge and licked it clean. She then sucked his cock till all the cum was off of it. As soon as she was finished he pulled her up and lied her on her back on the table. He tied her legs wide open and in the air. She pussy glistened and called to him. He lowered his head and licked her cunt. His fingers disappeared in her casuing her to gasp. “Ohhh Blaise put your big cock in my pusssy. Please I need to feel it inside my dirty slutty cunt.” This was all Blaise needed to ram into her slit and fuck her into oblivion. “Im gonna cum in your filthy hole” he shouted out. “What a nasty dirty little slut you are” Hermione was driven crazy by his filthy talk and the power behind each stroke of his large thick cock. Her pussy began to tighten around him. “ohhhh take all my cum in you whore” He came in her and she felt her pussy fill with his thick sticky cum. He slide out and some of his cum and her pussy juices slipped out on to the floor. Hermione lay there her naked body exposed. “Jesus. You Slytherins really know how to fuck” she said as she pulled her panties back on. Blaise was getting dressed and had cast a cleansing charm on himself. “Would you like to cast a cleansing charm on you Hermione?” he asked, ever the gentleman. “No” she replied “ I will spend all day with your cum dripping from my pussy. Everytime you see me today you will remember that your cum is spilling from my tight wet cunt”. Hermione was now fulled dressed and left the room. Heading for the potions classroom. If she had timed this right their class would be 5 minutes away from finishing by the time she trapsed in. 

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