Hermione and her Slytherins

The war is over and everyone is going back to Hogwarts for their final year including the Slytherins. Ron and Harry aren't so happy about it but Hermione says that they were cleared of all death eater charges and should be given another chance.


3. and so it begins

Hermione Granger over on small summer had gone from bookwormy know-it-all heroine to sexy, outrageously beautiful brainiac. She swept down corridors with grace and poise all in 5 inch heels and skirts that stopped just after her bottom. Her shirt was fitted and the top few buttons opened to show her ample cleavage. Many a male head had turned including new care of magical creatures professor Charlie Weasley, who took the job to be closer to his family in England. 

Hermione sat down on the sofa in the Heads common room in a tight t-shirt and shorts. She had her laptop on the coffee table and was scrolling the internet when the door opened and Draco Malfoy walked in. He looked at her laptop in confusion, he dropped muggle studies at the earliest opportunity. "Its a laptop. I can use it to communicate with others and find things out" called Hermione who had spotted Draco eyeing the sleek Toshiba laptop in front of her. He gave her a look of disdain and went to his room. Hermione let out a small sigh and continued to search for yoga videos on her laptop. She found the one she wanted and pushed the coffee table out of the way and placed her laptop on the end of it. Then she accioed her mat and rolled in out. Hermione clicked the video to start it and then went quickly to the mat. She began her stretches and didn't hear the knock on the dorm door. Draco however had. He walked past Hermione without even seeing her as she was hidden by the sofa. He opened the door and Blaise, Theo and Greg. They had been coming over for a boys night and brought bottles of firewhiskey and food from the kitchens. Hermione lifted her arse in the air and was shaped like an upside down V when the boys started to move from the door to Draco's spacious room. They abruptly stopped and look at her. Hermione realised she was being watched and looked up from her position "ohhh Hello boys" she lifted her self into an upright position and stood facing them. "Here for boys night. Have fun" and returned to her Yoga video. Draco, Blaise, Theo and Greg continued their walk to the room with raging hard ons. 

Hermione had just finished her shower when she heard Draco's door open and shut. She could only hear one set of feet and so poked her head out to see who it was. Theo was stood in the middle of the kitchen clad only in dark blue boxers, an angel tattooed across his shoulders and down his back. His short brown hair was slightly tousled where he had just ran a hand through it. Hermione had her sights set on him since they returned to school and now was her perfect opportunity. She had a small towel over her covering most of her breast and sloping off her bottom. Hermione walked over to the kitchen and watched as Theo turned at the sound of her small feminine steps. He looked her up and down approvingly and couldn't help the erection from forming. "Hi Theo. Nice tattoo on your back." She said as she reached across him, breasts grazing his chest, getting a glass from the cupboard. "uhh Thanks Hermione" He said quietly, his hands trying to cover his large boner. "You don't need to hide it from me. I know you want me." whispered Hermione as she seductively ran her hand across his bare chest, swirling it over the tattoo of the Slytherin emblem. Theo looked down at her shocked by her blunt yet seductive statement. "I want you to Theo. Are they asleep?" She asked. He nodded not sure where she was going with this. As soon as he nodded she took his hand started to lead him to her bedroom door. "Hermione. Are you sure you want me? I mean you should lose your virginity to someone you really want to." he said as they reached her door. She looked at him and simply said "I'm no virgin". 

Theo stood still by Hermione's bed as she slowly unwrapped the towel from around her body, revealing her bare breasts and smooth pussy. She had a small bird tattoo on each side of her pelvis. Her skin was flawless and perfect, waiting to be touched. Theo pulled his boxers off and pulled Hermione to him. They kissed soundly and then looked upon each other. His hand slipped from her arm to her full firm breast and played with her nipple. She groaned into his mouth and took his large cock into her hand causing him to gasp. Not many girls were that forward. She broke the kiss and dropped to her knees. Theo couldn't believe it when his cock was taken into her warm wet mouth. Uhhh was all he could say as she sucked his cock. She stood after a few minutes of sucking on him and lay on the bed, seductively opening her legs. He came between them and gave her sweet juicy pussy lips a lick. He then moved up her body stopping to suck on her nipples and slowly slid his cock inside her tight wet pussy. She moaned loudly with the pleasure of being filled and held Theo close to her. He began to move and she moan louder. Soon Theo was pounding into her and she was dragging her nails up and down his back leaving marks and screaming his name. Before they came she pushed him off her and flipped over getting into doggy position. Theo came up behind her and placed his cock on her pussy and a fingertip on her arsehole. All at once he slipped both in and she groan in pleasure. He once again pounded into her and she came with the intense pleasure pushing him over the edge and filling her tight sweet pussy with his hot sticky cum. As he removed his cock and finger from her she groan and fell to the bed. He just looked at her as his cum began to trickle out of her. "Spank me" she commanded. He spanked her ass and watched as the vibration caused her pussy to clamp down and force more of his cum out of her pussy. That alone caused him to begin to harden once more. She turned her head to look at him and saw he was already getting hard once more. "You know I love when I had cum dripping out of both my pussy and ass." was all he need to pull her arse up and towards him. He was soon plowing into her arsehole as she yelped in pleasure and called him dirty names such as assfucker and made him talked dirty to her. Turns out fucking her in the arse makes her really naughty. "Your such a good little whore taking my cock in your arse" he said as she groan from the pleasure and the dirty talk he was giving her. Soon he was cumming into her arse. She once again moaned as she became empty once more. Theo looked down at her and watched his cum slipped out of her asshole and down her pussy lips to her silky bedding. Damn, he thought, she really is a kinky little slut. She moved around on the bed and took his softening cock into her mouth and sucked the remaining cum off him. Hermione then turn her back to him and lay down on her bed, leaving Theo unsure as to what he should do. "You can stay here or leave, its up to you" she said feeling his apprehension. Theo slowly moved up to place his head on the pillow next to hers and fell asleep. 

The next morning he awoke to find her riding his morning wood. She was rocking on him and playing with her tits. She saw he was awake and told him "This is why its a good idea to stay the night". Soon after that she was saying very little except his name and she came causing him to cum into her lush pussy. She climbed off him and went to the her bathroom for a shower. Theo put on his boxers and left the room feeling that maybe this experience was now over. He had just shut her bedroom door as Draco, Blaise and Greg came out of the other bedroom. They all looked at him and said as one "You shagged her". He simply nodded at her and walked into Draco's room, with the boys following. "You realise we could hear her from here" said Greg. Theo nodded once again and simply said "She is one kinky slut boys. She begged me after cumming in her pussy to fuck her in the arse" This caused them all to salivate. Luckily it was a saturday so they sat there through breakfast as Theo shared every dirty detail with them. All they knew was that when they got the chance with Hermione they wouldn't waste any time with sleeping.  

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