Hermione and her Slytherins

The war is over and everyone is going back to Hogwarts for their final year including the Slytherins. Ron and Harry aren't so happy about it but Hermione says that they were cleared of all death eater charges and should be given another chance.


1. A new year

Hermione had changed over the summer after the battle of Hogwarts thats for sure. She went to Australia as soon as the battle was over. She mourned for the dead and for those who lost the loves of their lives, including Tonks who was only hit with a spell that put her in a coma. Hermione's parents house in Australia was right on the beach and she was able to find them and restore their memories very easily. She stayed there for the whole summer tanning her smooth skin in the sunshine and exploring what she wanted from life. Hermione was dropped off in the town centre by her parents to go shopping. What her mum and dad didn't know was that whilst she was there she was going to go to a tattoo and piercing shop. 

"Hi mum dad. I'm home" Hermione shouted as she entered the house. She walked into the living room to find the answer phone bleeping at her with 6 messages. She pressed the button and listened. She could hear her mum and dad talking in the car, typical mum never locks her phone thought Hermione. She started to walk away when she heard screeching and screaming on the answer phone. She skipped to the next message. It was from Sydney's General hospital. The rest were calls from the hospital and police. Hermione grabbed her bag that had her wand in and apparated to a alleyway near the hospital. She ran up to the desk and asked after her parents and was directed to intensive care. It was on the third floor and she ran the entire way. As Hermione reached the door she saw her mum and dads names on the ends of two beds. A doctor was stood at the end of both of them. Hermione walked in and introduced herself. The doctor told her that both her parents were in comas that even modern medicine couldn't lift them from. It was possible that they would wake up of their own accord and all the doctors could do now was heal their bodies as much as possible. Hermione left the hospital 2 days later. She had to go back to Hogwarts the next day so she packed her things and told the doctors she would be away for a while and told them how to contact her. 

Hermione appeared at Kings Cross station in a short mini red skirt and a white top that stopped before her belly button showing her piercing. Her hair was slightly lighter than before from all the sun. It cascaded down her back in soft curls and reached the middle of her back. She walked through the wall to platform 9 and 3/4 to see the Weasley family stood in front of her. What shocked her was that Fred was able to stand with them. He had been in a coma when she left and they thought that even with magic healing he still may not be able to walk. Ginny turned around and caught Hermione's eye. Her mouth dropped open at the sight of her beautiful and hot friend. She looked even taller than before she went to Australia as she was wearing platform high heels. "OMG Hermione you look amazing" screeched Ginny, with that the Weasley family and half of the platform turned to look at her. She smiled and went to hug Ginny as she did she exposed the small bird tattoo on her inner wrist. "Nice tat Hermione. You soon will be covered in them like me" said Charlie as he gave her an appraising look over.        Hermione just laughed and said "Ohh I have a lot more tattoos that you can't see right now Charlie. Maybe I'll show you one day". All of the Weasley boys mouths dropped open, even Mr Weasley. Mrs Weasley gave Hermione a wary look and asked "Are you alright dear? You seem different to before the war?" Hermione bent over to pick up the end of her truck showing her cleveage off at the same time. "Well I realised Mrs Weasley that i should just enjoy life after all you never know when your life will end" Molly seemed to accept this and Hermione started to drag her trunk over to the train. As she started to move Charlie grabbed it out of her hands and lifted it onto the train for her, showing every muscle toned and defined. He was definitely in good shape and on Hermione's hit list. 

Hermione, Ginny, Ron, Harry, Neville and Luna all got into a carriage but it was a tight fit. The girls sat on one side and the boys on the other. Hermione was in the middle and squished in the middle. The train ride was very long but they got the chance to catch up. Hermione told everyone about her time in Australia sans the gentlemen friends. They all 'ohhh'ed and 'ahh'ed through her tales of the beach and her parents.Ron had done very little apart from sleep and play quidditch with his brothers and Harry all summer. Harry had spent time with Ginny and was helping Tonks with Teddy. Ginny had hanged out with Harry and helped her mum around the house. Luna and her father went to Asia to look for some random imaginary creatures. Neville had been getting to know his parents who were cured of their illnesses through research left behind by the dearly missed Professor Snape. It was revoultionary and helped thousands of people.

The group finally got to Hogwarts and were seated at their respective tables. Hogwarts was rebuilt quickly due to magic over the summer and look as good as new. Hermione noticed more than one lad checking her out. It made her feel good about him self. 

McGonagoll made a quick speech to do with hope and happiness for the future but Hermione didn't care, it was boring. Then something interesting happened. Head boy and girl were announced "This year we have Hermione Granger as Head girl and Draco Malfoy as Head boy". Well that was shock. So Hermione would be sharing a dorm with Draco Malfoy the Slytherin Sex God. He was definitely on her hit list.  

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