The Sexiest

Coralie's job was always interesting and everyday was different she was flight attendant but when she met the new pilot Chris Darren her life was just getting more interesting than it already was.


1. charming asshole

i fixed my make up in airports toilet i was in Berlin right now and i had soon meeting i was going to work other plane of course British airways like i had always worked. but i had to meet the pilot and some other stuff. i took my purse and walked out the toilet. this air port was family to me i have been here like ten times or more. i loved this job it can be hard sometimes but not always. "great Coralie you arrived just in time." my boss Mr. Simon's said. i walked into meeting room. "this is Coralie everyone." My boss said taping my shoulder. there were three flight attendants too but i had never met them before they gave friendly smile to me. attractive guy with Black hair and brown eyes looked me playful smirk playing on his lips. he bite his lip softly and looked me. was he the pilot? but he was so young? okay maybe he was few years older than me but normally i had met middle aged pilots not this young like this attractive guy. "so there is Emma, Miranda,Juliet and Brenda and the pilot Chris." my boss said. "hi." i said with smile. "okay we need soon to get into plane." my boss said and everyone stand up from their seats. "No one said the new Flight attendant would be this hot." I heard Chris mumble behind me. i turned around and raised my eye brow to him and he just winked. well.he seemed normal dickhead. why charming guys had to be such a dick heads? as we made our way to the plane i could see the girls attention in him. they almost drooled. he just walked like it was nothing but that stupid proud smirk on his face. i had to admit that he looked pretty mind blowing in that suit what he was wearing. he walked right to the driver room and we made sure everything was okay. "Coralie." he said. i turned to look at him. "can you bring me a bottle of water please?" he said. "sure." i smiled politely. i took bottle of water  and gave it to him. "thanks." he said licking his lips and smirked to me. this guy was disgusting. i just gave him blank look like it wasn't going to work in me. and walked out and could feel how his eyes were burning holes to my butt. "hes such a animal." i said to my self. "tell me about it." Brenda said. i looked him. "Chris is total man whore, don't get involved." she said. "been there done that." Juliet smiled proudly. Brenda just rolled her eyes and when Juliet walked away she turned back to me. "i don't even want to know how many flight attendant or girl have felled to that." she said. "he seemed bit disgusting." i said. "talking about me? Ladies." Chris voice spoke. "i'm not that bad, shes just jealous that i haven't done her yet." Chris said smirking to me. i rolled my eyes. like how old was he? he seemed like some teenager. "how old is he again?" i whispered to Brenda when he finally walked away. "believe me or not hes just 24 even that he seems like 15." She said. i nod. he was just two years older than me. the flight went fine there wasn't extra problems with the customers and believe or not Chris didn't drop us he fly well for asshole he was. and there started my three days holiday in Spain. this was the nice part of being Flight attendant you got free stay at the country.


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