alone together i have no idea what the title should really be)

this is for a competition and the title may be misleading but i have no clue as to what the title should actually be


3. Lauren

We were just lying there, when all of a sudden a shadow comes and blocks our view of the sun.

"There you are! Why weren't in school!? I missed you so much today!"

Jenifer... She bent down and whispered in Daniel's ear

"What's SHE doing here. I told you she was going to get in the way between us. She's like a wedge, driving us apart!"

It wasn't the Jenifer I sit beside in math. It's the Jenifer that I sit beside in science. She hates me. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy for him, but I have been his best friend for nearly 13 years, and I'm NOT going to become the third wheel. I wasn't staying. I pack the food into my backpack, lifted out my phone and called my mom. I got up and left, and he was so busy kissing her face off that he didn't notice me leave until he heard me lightly crying (not that lightly but whatever).

"Where are you going?!"

"Home! I'm not staying with you and HER. I have been your friend for nearly 13 years, and I am NOT going to be the third wheel NOW!"

I walked back over to Jenifer. "Maybe next time, learn how to whisper! And don't you DARE think that I'm going to sit back and watch you two together every second of  every day! You've got your wish. He's all yours and I want NOTHING more to do with you OR Daniel!!!"

I picked up my bags and walked over to my moms car, tears streaming down my face. As the car drove off, i watched him go back to sit with Jenifer.

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