alone together i have no idea what the title should really be)

this is for a competition and the title may be misleading but i have no clue as to what the title should actually be


1. Lauren

Daniel and I have been friends for over 12 years. We met on the first day of school. We were 4 years old and I cant imagine how my life would have turned out without him being with me.

for the first few weeks he pretended that the girls in the class had some sort of disease an stayed away from us like all of the boys, then all of a sudden he came up to me one day and asked if he could sit beside me, and since then, neither of us has gone more than 24 hours without seeing each-other. We argue quite a bit but we don't care because it never affects us in any way

I heard him knock at my door.

"Hey sleepy, going to school in your PJS?"

"Daniel what are you talking about?" I looked down at my clothing. I must have just gotten out of bed, "Crap. What time is it?"

"Jesus how un-organised ARE you sometimes?" He laughed, "It's 8am"

"Shit! Come in and wait I'll be five minutes."

"Okay, but do something with your hair because I will NOT be seen in school with a girl who has hair like tha-"

"Daniel Walker you are REALLY pushing my buttons this morning!"

We walked in and he sat down on the couch.

"Oh good morning Mrs. Wilson. How are you this fine day?"

"Well good morning Daniel, I'm doing great how are you?"

"I'm really good this morning thank you!"

I walked back into the living room "Daniel you sure suck up to people when you want to don't you?"

My mom was quick to interrupt me "Shouldn't you be getting ready? You're running really late!"
I sighed and headed up to my room. I never really cared about what I looked like, so I grabbed whatever clothes came first, put them on, put a few curls in my hair (I had to do SOMETHING to make it look okay) and ran downstairs.

"Right I'm ready to go if you're done being a suck-up there."

He looked up from his phone and gave me stupidest look ever.

"Come on we are going to be late!"

We were walking along the road when he stopped outside an alleyway. He took me down the alleyway and stopped halfway. He leaned forward, getting closer and closer and closer and closer until.........

I woke up. To banging on my front door . I looked down, I was fully dressed. I must have fallen asleep again. I can't get any sleep at the moment because I keep having the same dream over and over again. It always pans out the same way: Daniel picks me up at my house, takes me down an alleyway and is about to kiss me, when I wake up.

"Hi Daniel. Let's go before I fall asleep again."

"You have been saying that a lot lately. Is everything okay?"

"Well, I keep having this weird dream. You pick me up at my house, and I have only just woken up, so you come in while I get ready. I get ready and when I tell you to get up, you give me this really strange look that I cant describe. Then we stop at an alleyway, you take me down there, and you keep leaning in really close, and your about to kiss me, when something scares me and I wake up. I don't know what it means."

"Are you trying to tell me that you would find it really weird if you ever happened to kiss me?"

"NO NO NO!! I'm so sorry I shouldn't have told you about it, it's just going to make things weird between us."

"No don't worry about it. We're best friends, and besides, I have a girlfriend already."

"You do?" A part of me just died inside. Did I keep waking up because I want it to happen in reality?

"Yeah! Jenifer Campbell? In maths class? You sit next to her."

"Oh, RIGHT!! That Jenifer.  A huge part of me died inside.


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