alone together i have no idea what the title should really be)

this is for a competition and the title may be misleading but i have no clue as to what the title should actually be


4. Jenifer Backstory (Needed to understand the next chapter)

(Told in Lucy's P.O.V)

It all started when I joined the academy. She is in my year, but she got there a year before me. Daniel was already there because he had received a scholarship but was still in the same year as me.

When I got there, Jenifer was the centre of attention, all the boys loved her. When I went into the cafeteria for the first time, everyone turned around, and all the boys came rushing over. I naturally ignored them and walked over to Daniel, and for over an hour, guy after guy after guy came up to me, asking if I could go and sit with them, and when I looked around me, Jenifer was sitting with her friends, glaring at me as if I had done something wrong. I now know why she glared at me.

She then pulled out a makeup mirror and started forcefully applying concealer over some areas, and walked over to me.

"Hi there! My name is Jenifer and I just wanted to speak to my boyfriend."

Her boyfriend at the time just happened to be the guy who was kissing my cheek. I felt really guilty, watching him walk over to Jenifer. I heard a lot of yelling and crying and in the end, she ran off, tears streaming down her face.

I followed her into the girls bathroom and knocked on her stall door.

"leave me alone! I don't want to talk to you EVER again!!"

I walked away from the stall, and out of the bathroom. I had made my first enemy on my first day.

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