alone together i have no idea what the title should really be)

this is for a competition and the title may be misleading but i have no clue as to what the title should actually be


2. Daniel

I saw her cheery face quickly drop to a sad, dull and upset face and I felt really bad for her.

"Forget I said anything about her. We're best friends, and nothing will change that."

She smiled at me, with the quirky smile she usually has on her face. It felt like we had been walking forever.

"I don't feel like going to school today. I just want to walk around the town with someone for six hours and not worry about getting caught."

My face li t up. She wanted to get out of school, she shall get out of school.

"I'll call my mom and tell her that she has to call the school because we need to get out of school after second period."

She nodded and we headed down the road to school. The two periods of school that we were in took forever, but once we were out, I forgot everything I had "learnt" We headed round town and went into walmart to get some food and drinks and other stuff, then we headed to the park to just kick back, relax, and just talk.

"Listen, about my girlfri-"

"It's okay. I mean, we're best friends, and nothing can come between us. We love having each other around all the time without it getting complicated. I cant imagine spending my days without you as my best friend, not my boyfriend. And if it didn't work out, that would ruin our friendship as well as our relationship."

A tear rolled down her face. Seeing your best friend get upset because of another girl really breaks your heart, especially when she has just made it clear that she likes you.



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