Kissing the Worker (Louis Tomlinson fanfic or Elounor fanfic)

Have you ever found that true love? That true love that is hiding in a kiss? A kiss while you can't see? Trying to find out what happens. -- Gorgeous Cover made by my best friend maude or like she said: mybestfriendisapengiun_xX


1. Prologue

Kissing someone, does that mean something?

I asked it myself the whole time. I searched sources to find the answer of it.

Butterflies in the stomach?

I never got them. I never believed in butterflies in a stomach.


Since now, since that kiss he gave me. I don't even have a name or description. I only have the reference : a simple passionated kiss. 


One thing... 

I'm a worker, a worker in the pub. I think it's forbidden to have a relation with clients in the pub. My boss absolutely wanted to do something about the single people in the pub and set up a whole blind date speed date thing and who had to be one of the participated people? 

Me, yes me! Eleanor Calder!

It was an absolutely stupid idea.But bosses... you have to listen to them. And I fell in love with the one with the most powerful lips of the dates... 

Because he...

Kissed the worker!


* New story *

* One Direction fanfic with Louis as main fanfic player *

* One direction is not popular in it, but knows each other in it * 

* Elounor & Larry & Narry contains in it (bromance or romance you'll see) *

* can contain pub language(strong words, drunken talks or drunk behaviour) *

* Hope you like it! * 

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