Kissing the Worker (Louis Tomlinson fanfic or Elounor fanfic)

Have you ever found that true love? That true love that is hiding in a kiss? A kiss while you can't see? Trying to find out what happens. -- Gorgeous Cover made by my best friend maude or like she said: mybestfriendisapengiun_xX


10. Chapter 9

You always thinks the world could go good in your eyes, but it isn't at all... I know... I have to think positive. I still have Louis by my side. 'Babe, wake up, it's time, you don't have any lessons today, so we're going to do something!' He said like he would say it to a baby. 'And maybe I have some news?' He went further on. 

'Tell me, tell me!' I rolled over his body and kissed him. 'Wow, let's keep it as a secret.' He laughed and teased me like a child. 'Come on Lou, honey, baby.' I begged him. 'Okay okay El. You can turn me so on quickly.' He bit on his lip and looked me in the eyes, like it could hurt me. 'The enterprise asked me to follow some lessons extra in the university. So I'm studying too, and when I signed in I asked where you follow your lessons and if I have to follow some lessons you follow... So... Most of the time I can follow some lessons of you!' He said happy. 

I smiled and kissed him. 'Oh my god Louis. You will distract me in the lessons!' I laughed. He laughed too but looked in my eyes. 'I'll try to keep your eyes in the lessons instead of me.' He stroked my arm. 'You think you can?' I teased him and stuck out my tongue like a child. I was laughing while he tickled me after my stupid teasing action. 

'Stop Louis, please.' I begged him. 'Okay, if I can get a kiss.' He said. I kissed him quickly and stepped out my bed. I changed myself in something comfortable. 'Perrie expect you into our house.' Louis yelled into the bathroom. 'Okay.' I yelled back. I did my hair and then Louis looked me from head to toe. 'Beautiful girlfriend.' He said and kissed me softly on my lips and stole the bathroom so I had to left the bathroom. 

I made some breakfast for me and Louis. When he walked into the room, he smelled the scent of baked eggs and bacon. 'Mmm... that smells delicious.' He said and sat on one of the chairs I had. I sat too and we ate. Then we did the dishes and made our bags to go to Louis' house with the boys. He begged me to stay in his house. So I couldn't say no, he was too cute with his 'puppy face'. 

He helped me and put my bags in his car. We drove to his house and before I knew Perrie her arms came from behind me and hugged me. 'I missed you too.' I said surprised. She laughed. 'Come on let's make a girls day of it.' She said. 'I steal your girlfriend now Louis. Sorry.' She laughed and Louis nodded. 'It's okay, take care of her. She's my precious.' He couldn't even finish his sentences because I had to take my handbag and follow Perrie. She went to the city with me. 

'Well, we're going to shop. Zayn and I going to a restaurant and I asked if you and Louis could go too. Louis agreed so we both need a dress.' She laughed. I nodded and we went to our favourite shops. I felt again like her best friend. I hope it will stay this way again. I found a wonderful red dress and Perrie a purple one. 'You look gorgeous.' Perrie exaggerated it again... she is doing that always! Like all the times I'm going to shops with her and I have something like a dress or other clothes. 

When we arrived at the boys house, she ran upstairs to Zayns room. 'You get away and go with Louis downstairs.' She ordered Zayn who was lazy watching a TV show. I laughed and Zayn just obeyed. 'Louis, come on, let's watch something downstairs on the TV.' He yelled trough the whole house. Zayn just went out the room and Perrie pulled me in. 

She grabbed her make up and did my make up. After that, I had to do hers. She was happy with it and wanted some revenge on the boys so she decided to attack them and do make up on them. It would be hilarious, she reacted. Her hands became dramatic, like an actor who had to explain something big on the theathre stage. 

We ran downstairs and I placed my hands on Louis' eyes. 'El, I know you're the one with those hands.' He laughed. 'The same for you Pez.' Zayn said. We laughed. We settled down in our boyfriends laps with a make up bag. We blindfolded them. So we could start with lips blush and then if they are ready we do their eyes. 

'El, this isn't funny.' Louis said. 'For me it is. I love you Louis.' I said and gave him a quick kiss before I put some lipstick on his sweet lips. I put on some blush and more on his face and then I put his blindfold off. 'Oh no Eleanor. No, No make up!' He begged me. 'Sorry Loubear.' I said and smiled. I put on some mascara and eye shadow, eyeliner and more. 'You're beautiful honey.' I said. Perrie was laughing the whole time with Zayn. He was getting mad on her while Louis could calm himself down. 

'Come on Zaynie, I love you.' Perrie started to make a whole excuse speech for Zayn. She tried to kiss Zayn but he avoided it. She looked disappointed. Louis looked at me and kissed me. I got lipstick my face thanks to Louis. I laughed. 'Can we shower together now?' He asked as excuse now he had make up one. I nodded and we went upstairs. 'We're going into the shower.' I yelled to Perrie so she wouldn't come in the bathroom with Zayn when Louis and I were in the shower. 

Louis went to his bedroom and grabbed our clothes and all what we needed. I made the bathroom ready. He kissed me softly when he came into the room. We showered together and then he took me in his arms and a towel embraced my body. 

He warmed me up and kissed my wet hair. We put on some clothes and then I did my make up and hair again. I walked downstairs with Louis. 'Beautiful girlfriend.' Louis whispered in my ear. I blushed for a minute and unfortunately, he saw it. 'You don't have to blush.' He kissed my temple. 

Harry whistled with his fingers to me. 'Sorry, Haz, but she's mine.' Louis said and took me in his arms like a selfish boy. I slapped his arm. 'You're a little bit selfish, I'm yours...' I looked at him and smiled. 

After Perrie and Zayn finished their making up sessions. We went to the restaurant after all the things that happened today. We had fun in the restaurant and talked about everything. Perrie wanted to pay for it because of all the drama she caused. 

She messed it up in the past, but I forgave her. She's my best friend and she'll always be my best friend. 



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